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Tarot for the Solstice – Summer 14 P1

July 16, 2014

We’re a bit late with all of our Summer Solstice posts due to major problems with the blog. Apologies for the delays, the unavailability at times and the general faffing about with what had been a very stable setup. We are slowly returning to normality, and beyond. There are some great new things coming very soon which I will personally be launching for you in the late summer. Before that, we’ve got a series of Summer Solstice posts which we hope will fascinate and amuse you.

Our destination for Summer Solstice was The Ring of Kerry in Ireland. Before we left I did a tarot reading to try to determine some of the aspects of the trip. Now, doing such a draw is always a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario. In other words – does the reading make the events happen, or do the events happen in accordance with the reading? We can never really know objectively, but subjectively the tarot readings are inspirational, aspirational and often sensational. This was one such reading.

The Questions for Summer

1 What are the characteristics of my energy going in to Ireland?

  1. Nine of Bows (Respect)
  2. Ten of Bows (Responsibility)
  3. Knight of Vessels (Eel)
Tarot draw for Summer Solstice 214 (3) (Medium)
Three cards to describe my energy going into the Summer Solstice

Notice that the Respect card features an Otherworldly face. Whenever I have encountered energy forms from the Otherworld I have been guided to treat them with great respect.

I also noticed that the Responsibility card showed a person climbing a mountain weighed down with stuff. Previous outings suggested that I would be climbing mountains on our expedition, but this was South West Ireland we were heading to – wouldn’t that be flat?

The Eel card had come up on my last summer solstice draw! Back then it had shown me the way to finding The Eel Sword. Would this be a reference to ancestors? I was certainyl back in my ancestral homeland, so that was promising. We will see.

2. How will that energy be changed?

This question was further sub-divided into two aspects: what would make the change, and what would the result of the change be?What will govern the change of energy?

  • King of Bows (Adder)


King of Bows - subtle energy symbolised as a snake
King of Bows – subtle energy symbolised as a snake

What will the energy be changed to?

  • Queen of Bows (Hare)
  • The Ancestor
  • Page of Vessels (Otter)

Tarot draw for Summer Solstice 214 (5) (Medium)

Interesting that I get the Ancestor card again in relation to Ireland and considering the Eel card was drawn. Also, if I remember correctly, the Otter card was also part of my previous summer solstice in Ireland tarot draw! Coincidence? Massive coincidence!

The difference here is that the card which leads me into an energy change is The Hare. You will see in sunsequent posts how this becomes a significant character in the way these stories evolve.

3. Which two cards describe the outcome?

  • The Green Man
  • The Ace of Bows (Spark of Life)

Tarot draw for Summer Solstice 214 (6) (Medium)

Well, The Green Man! In a Summer Solstice layout? Could it be more perfect? And as a resolution card too? The accompanying text for many of the cards drawn indicates that they are related to the transition from early to late summer, with the Green Man signifying the solstice specifically. King of Bows is moving away from Beltane, and Queen of Bows is moving towards Midsummer.

You may also notice the surprisingly large number of high status cards. Very few “number” cards in that draw – the majority are picture cards or regal cards.

In the next few posts I will tell the story of the summer solstice journey, and you will see how both Kal and my stories inter-relate to an astonishing degree. Then, at the end, I will pull it all together to review how the tarot reading had a bearing on the whole experience. Stay with us for the journey!


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