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A Choice of Quests at Uragh – Summer 14 P8

August 13, 2014

Uragh stone circle, Kerry, Ireland

The solstice day is picking up in terms of weather. The sun comes out as we pick out way slowly down the narrow track which we hope ends at the picturesque stone circle of Uragh. We park when we can drive no further, and walk to a small rise between two lakes, and suddenly the view becomes amazing in all directions.

Uragh stone circle - June 14 (5)
View of one lake from Uragh circle

As Kal went straight into the circle I walked to the top of the rise to give myself an overview of the area. There was a large recumbent stone on top of the small hill, and this became my base from which to observe. I could see other people milling about in the area admiring the views and visiting the circle. I would wait until the place felt calmer before I descended.

When the coast was clear I came down to visit the circle. I waltzed around it seeing if I could sense the right place to approach it. There was a ritual creation on the grass a few feet away from an opening in the rib-like structure of the smaller set of standing stones. This was the entrance point that I felt was right for me. Clearly, it was right for someone else too, and they had got there before me. I approached the oval of stones, a shape typical of this region, and introduced myself to the site, hoping to catch the attention of the Spirit of Place.

I noticed that my black wings (see previous posts) once again gave me an unhindered access and an immediate welcome to the site. That is so refreshing! It was like having a calling card, or a free pass. I felt the Spirit of Place react to this and to my druid name. It would also seem that my family name has some resonance in these parts too, although not the same power as when I am farther north in this island. As I settled to lie down (the obvious thing to do in the slight depression) I felt comfortable, and the sun shone through breaks in the clouds to light the scene.

The Spirit of Place introduced himself as Igneorl. It sounded like it was based on the word “igneous” – a classification of rock. Now it was time to get to work.

Uragh stone circle - June 14 (12)
Uragh stone circle is nestled between two beautiful lakes.

Two New Quests

I lay in the tomb-like pit and felt like I should make use of this sun energy that was warming me. It was solstice energy, and I felt the impetus to gather it into my solar plexus area, and to lock it in there for use at some point later in the year when the sun isn’t around as much.

All well and good, but I was feeling like I could ask about my new quest here. I had completed my previous quest and was ready for a new one. But I wasn’t ready for what came next!

Uragh stone circle - June 14 (17)
The cage-like oval of Uragh stone circle

As I lay in the oval depression my mind became clear and ready to receive. The Spirit of Place, Igneorl, was communicating with me. “What is my quest from now until the next phase of the Wheel of the Year?”, I asked. The response that came back shocked me:

“Kill Gwas!”

I was so shocked that I sat upright and fell out of trance immediately as though someone had thrown a rock at my head! Kill my alter ego? The implications set my mind whirring. Did it mean that I would have to reveal myself to the world – to use my real name? The dowsing rods confirmed that this was exactly what was being requested. I sat and thought about it. Sure, I had considered the possibility, but I didn’t feel I was ready for this step yet. I was happy keeping the two worlds of body and soul separate for now. I decided to reject the quest!

I went back into the pit and lay down again. Once back in a connective state of mind I explained that I was not prepared to accept this quest, and asked whether there was some other quest that I could do instead. In my mind the faint echo, the pale image, the weak text of a secondary quest emerged:

“Find out why the snake coils around the mountain top!”

This riddle was more acceptable. I thanked the spirit, and then came back to consciousness. I went back up to my eyrie at the top of the nearby hill and collected my things. I was done here, and I could see that Kal was too, so I reconvened with him to explain what had happened. Kal rebuked me strongly for not accepting the first quest, and from then on throughout the trip he attributed all frustrations and lack of magickal events to that one moment.

Uragh stone circle - June 14 (6)

I dowsed it when I returned home after the trip, and discovered that this was indeed the case. I should have accepted the first quest. I will need to kill off my alter ego in order to proceed on my spiritual journey. Let’s see what happens for the rest of the trip, and the consequences beyond that.

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