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Caileach instructs: Strands of Destiny – p11 Solstice 2014

August 25, 2014

The Summer Solstice Day was coming to a close and as you have read the last 10+ posts, it had been an amazing time. Gwas and I always consider the question…

  • Can it get any better?

And then it does! Can you beat that kind of life? I doubt it. So here we were in the midst of mountains that rose up on all sides. The sacred site that we had arrived at was called, Shronebirran.

Caileach amongst the mountains
Caileach amongst the mountains

Upon our arrival we spent a considerable time trying to capture the glory of the surroundings. It was hopeless.

One of the things that Gwas and I strongly recommend to readers is Go Out There! What you read here, honestly, it pails to what we actually experience and see. Please…just go!

I was quite surprised by the answer of No, to my question of, ‘did I need to prepare’ It is rare when I get a No to this question and almost every time I have, it is because I had prepared at a previous place. No such thing had happened in this instance and so I was left with the understanding that I was ready.

Following the rods to a place of learning (or so I was informed). I was taken aback by the sudden appearance of Caileach. As seemed to be her Irish modus operandi, she flickered into existence as if she had been there all the time.

Again, I find it hard to get this concept across. Hmmmm…. imagine the wind blowing gently after a while you forget its even there and then, something gives your focus a nudge and you feel the wind…which has always been there. Does that make sense?

The goddess (for here in Ireland of all places she was possessed of that aura) stood in her majesty before me and I felt like a student at class. She made an encompassing gesture, taking in, what? Infinity?

  • “Destiny has strands,” she said, “for each person. Some fall away incomplete, some are taken up and some are not chosen”
  • “The only choice we have is that, choice”

I was about to question the “we”, did it mean that this was true of her too? But she hushed me, seriously she did.

  • “There are Eleven strands to my destiny.”

That was a bit specific I thought and how did she know?

  • “Four have been completed” She continued, “Two start today and Five lie in the future”

Which had been completed I blurted out before she could shush me.

  • She gave me a stern look, “You have consciously connected with your double.” She gave me a piercing look, “You are Fay tainted.”

Mentally, I was leavering fingers off my fist…that was two, what of the other two.

  • “You have fulfilled your mother’s prayer and…”

I am afraid I am going to have to keep that last one a secret. It is personal you understand? Having such a being reel of your destiny is a humbling and ego feeding feeling. Still, I had my wits about me. What had started today? I asked.

  • “That cannot be said at this time, but in the future you will mark this day as their beginning.”

Why tell me any of it I wondered and the Goddess made a slashing movement.

  • “A marker has to be drawn between what was, is and will be”

And with a twist in the fabric of reality she was gone. Leaving me with grand thoughts of destiny.

Kal Malik

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