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Integrating my Energy and the return of the Bee totem – p7 Solstice 2014

August 3, 2014
Dromagorteen Stone Circle
Dromagorteen Stone Circle

As it seems is always the way when it comes to my Energy Double integration. It isn’t a straight-forward or replicable process. Each and every time it is different. Of course there are similarities. One of these is the pre-amble or dance that occurs.

Dancing with my Energy Double involves me laying out a path for it to follow, almost like landing strip lights. Once a number of these have been left then I am ready to be reintegrated.

Sheen Heritage Area
Sheen Valley Heritage Area

We arrived at the Sheen Valley Heritage Area which was only half an hour away from a first stop at Kenmare. The sacred site that was our destination was a good thirty minutes walk at the other side of the Heritage Area. Gwas set of at a swift pace, whereas I took a more leisured approach.

At some point, the rods shifted me of the main path that Gwas had followed and onto a more difficult climb. Just my luck! I asked the rods whether this was a neccessary diversion, Yes. Okay…

I continued following the rods, letting my trust desolve my doubt. After many minutes I encountered a Stone that the signage indicated (quite helpfully indicated) was the Standing Stone. Was there anything for me to do here? Yes. After much investigation that I wont bore you with, I determined that I needed to leave an energy signature for my Energy Double to follow. I did this and moved on.

Climbing the path further I found another stone, the sign for this was more revealing and named it a Bullaum Stone, such stones have a whole carved out in them. I asked whether I needed to drop another marker for my double and the answer was yes. I did so and felt that there was something different going on here.

A little more exploration revealed that this was the place where the Genius Loci for the Heritage Area was currently located. Did I need to commune with it? Yes. I found an appropriate place and sat (incidentally) facing the sun. Opening myself to commune, I got the impression that I needed to ask permission of the Genius Loci to be able to use (work) with the upcoming stone circle. So I did, and was given the go ahead.

One question I am often asked is, what if you hadn’t asked, what would happen? I have no idea is my response. On sacred journeys you cannot know what would happen if you walked a different path. The only way to answer is to walk the other path. Cryptic and a bit of a Zen Koan of an answer. But if you walk the path, you will know what I mean.

Dromagorteen Energy Configuration
Dromagorteen Energy Configuration

An interesting point to note is how I was given a sign of permission. As I communed with the Spirit of the Place, a bee buzzed by, then another and finally and really noticeably a third. With that amount of signs, you have to ask the question, “Is it relevant?” Yes. A couple of years ago, my totem had changed from Crow to Bee (and later back again) I wondered if it had done so again…kinda. What? Well, it seemed that I now had two totems, Crow and Bee.

I was done at this holey stone and after lighting some gratitude incense I continued on and over a ridge to the Dromagorteen stone circle. Gwas of course was already there and had nearly conducted his work. Here I was at last. Having gained the Bee totem, laid out a path (dance) for my Energy Double to follow and Touched the Genius Loci. Was I ready to be reintegrated with my Double? You Betchya!

Dromagorteen sacred place is a wonderful warm and balanced energy. It has a flavour that is beneficial to both Sun and Moon aligned people, hence its welcome of Gwas (Moon) and me (Sun). I asked whether I needed to prepare in anyway and the answer was unsurprisingly no.

Just to back track a moment. As I had walked the path to this sacred place I had been gathering a pocket full of Quartz Stones. I had no idea why and for what purpose. However when I got here I realised that for my use, the energy of the circle was not aligned. Note that sentence…It wasn’t me that needed to be aligned, the circle needed to be. A subtle but interesting difference.

I found the place that I could integrate with my double and lay (which was what was indicated) on the ground. Felt my stomah turn, but not in a top-down way, more of a horizontal spin. It was from this feeling that I got the idea that the energy of the circle needed to be turned in some way.

Opening my Third Eye
Opening my Third Eye

Could I do this, yes. I had to use the crystals I had gathered. I recalled, opening my 3rd eye at Knowth in the Brú na Bóinne a couple of years ago. This was a place that I could do the same. So I placed five of the crystals on the rock that I was laying before and lay back down.

I stretched out my mind to the stones and linked them together. The multi-coloured hues that beset my vision was indicative of success. I reached out my energy and grabbed the wheel of the circle and turned it. Or rather attempted to turn it and failed. Something at the far end was blocking me, as if there was something in the way of it being turned.

Puzzled, I got up to explore what the block was and saw Gwas standing exactly where I had felt the block. I was about to ask him to move away, when another thought occured to me, “could I exclude his energy from the sacred place and my work?” Yes. So I did and this time the Wheel Turned…

It was a remarkable feeling, even though perhaps it was my imagination that lent it some cinematics. The energy wheel (in my minds eye) ground around about 160 degrees and settled into another configuration. It pulsed and throbbed and I recognised my Song of the Energy Double being played on it.

I knew, without knowing how, that my double had flashed through each of the spots that I had left it and with that all too familiar thud, merged with me. With the thud came another familiar set of feelings of possibilities, mystery, unknown and a goodly set of fears too.

It took me some time to settle into this conscious wholeness before I was about to get up. I was stopped, by my double no less. I have been asked in the past, “how do you commune with your double?” With great difficulty is the answer. I patiently waited for whatever it was I was supposed to be waiting for. I heard a bee buzz by, then seconds later another and when a third (or the same one 3 times) passed by I released and felt that I could get up.

As I sat up I saw the energy of the sacred place. Interesting, is a thought that came from nowhere, it (I) had shifted (it) to become aligned with Water. Now with the Energy Double in-situ it was a matter of just giving the wheel a flick to set it aright again.

I got up feeling possible. It is an interesting sensation because it isn’t that you feel powerful. It is more akin to feeling the absence of “Im” in the word Impossible. If that confuses, think of how I felt.

Yesterday I had learned that with gaining the water element I had also gained the ability to see into the depth of things, I also learned that today I would peer into the depths of my Energy Double. An exciting prospect I can tell you. I asked the rods whether I could do that at this place? No! Fair enough.

Here is another interesting point. I was about to create a gift of gratitude for the sacred place and intendant Genius Loci when I got the sense that that was to be done at the next place on our visit. The rods confirmed this and we were off.

Kal Malik

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