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Song of the Energy Double at Kenmare – p6 Solstice 2014

August 2, 2014
Kenmare in the Sun 1
Kenmare in the Sun 1

Of all the places we visited on this Emerald Isle trip, Kenmare was the easiest to get to. Although the signposting was a bit askew for our liking, the site itself was on the border of the town and easy to walk to. We arrived in the beautiful early morning sun and found only a couple of people at the site, even though it was the Summer Solstice.

Seat at Kenmare
Seat at Kenmare

We both walked around the small site a few times, letting it get to know us and vice versa and of course taking some lovely pictures of this sunlit place. I really liked the energies here and felt that it was an auspicious place to stare our Solstice Day. I asked whether there was any need to prepare and the answer came back yes. I was taken to a stone of to the side and facing the sun.

Sitting down and having the sun wash over me reminded me of last years summer solstice where I had collected the Solstice Energy during the day to utilise throughout the rest of the year. I had used that energy up around March/April of this year. Could I collect it again I pondered as I sat in that space letting my energy become attuned with the sites.

Minutes later, that silent knowing entered my being and I knew I was ready. I arose and meandered around again, still enjoying the place before getting down to doing some work.

The rods took me on there usual wander around the site. This is an interesting phenomena that I should explore at some point. Even when asked to be taken by the most direct and straight-forward route, the rods take me on a gentle wander, often right back to where I started. What’s that about?

Finally, the rods headed to the centre stone of the circle and swirled right atop of it. I wasn’t too impressed with that, since as I mentioned there were other people in the midst of the circle. Still, do as the rods say (most of the time) is my motto. So I clambered atop the rock and sat, again facing the sun.

Note: Often a direction in which to face is indicated. To figure this out, I usually ask for the direction and turn on the spot until the rods indicate the direction.

As I sat there, I felt that this was the place that I should sing the song of the energy double. So I began to sing (not literally of course – energetically). As I sang the song I felt that tug in my navel that I recognised as “message received, on my way.” As I have said in other places, it is a queasy feeling that leaves a sickly after taste.

Satisfied that that part of the work here was done, I let my thoughts meld with the Genius Loci of the place. Where would it direct me? I wondered and felt my focus shift towards the Land of the Sun. I thought it was South America but felt a negative response to that. No, it was Egypt.

Bells at Kenmare
Bells at Kenmare

Did I need to go to Egypt for some reason I asked, the response was a yes. That was to be a place where I could get one of the components of The Wand. Wow! Was it Sand again (as was the case with Easter Island)? No. The question as to what, was left, tantalisingly unanswered.

I was about ready to finish my commune when that unfamiliar fading of the curtain occured and Caileach was there. I have to again reiterate that it has only been in Ireland and indeed this part of Ireland tht Caileach has appeared in this manner. Normally she arrives.

“Collect the Energy of the Solstice, you will need it.”

Yes, ma’am I said to her fading stature and did as I had been advised. Opening my Crown and Solar. I pulled (scooped) in momentous amounts of energy. Honestly, you have got to have a go of that. Talk about the roar of power!

I was done.

Kenmare had given me another wand component location, a conscious binding with my energy double and a copious amount of Solstice Energy. Let the fun commence.

Kal Malik


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