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Two Male Streams – Summer 14 P7

August 6, 2014

Cashelkeelty stone row, Kerry, Ireland

As we drive down the R571 (Ring of Beara road) towards Lauragh village I make a sudden and impulsive decision. There is a brown sign with a megalith on it, and I am sure I saw the words “circle” on it. I pull over at the next available parking space which is some half a mile down the road. Little did I know that if I have gone back I would have found a car park next to the sign. Hey ho! Only the first of a series of decisions that would make this journey more difficult than it needed to be!

Castlekeelty alignment and circle - June 14 (1) (Medium)

The sign reads “Caiseal Coillte” or Cashelkeelty when rendered from the Gaelic into English. Sure enough, it’s a stone circle indicated on the sign, so we hop over the metal stile and head off into the dark and closely-knit fir trees. The day is humid which adds to the intensity of the climb up the hill, but after half an hour we are clear of the tree line and heading over the couple of rounded slopes that separate us from the ‘good stuff’ on the top. All told we climb for the best part of an hour before reaching the remains of a stone circle.

Castlekeelty alignment and circle - June 14 (3) (Medium)

There is nothing of interest to us at the stone circle. Kal has moved on within seconds of arriving there, whereas I stay a while to ensure that it is of no interest. Yep – there’s hardly any energy here and certainly nothing worth wasting time over. A bit of a disappointment, but suddenly Kal is waving at me from the near distance. Is there something else to see further up the slope?

Castlekeelty alignment and circle - June 14 (12) (Medium)

Only a hundred feet away there is another set of megaliths. This set seem to be in a row – it’s an alignment of sorts, but whereas I am used to seeing one row this one seems to have two branches feeding into the final set of lined-up stones. Interesting! The stones are clearly energetic, and the dowsing rods confirm this, so I set to work finding out how the stones are powered, and where the energy is being directed.

Two Streams Become One

I find two streams of male energy which combine to create a 10/10 strength male line. The resulting combination male line is directed due East (90 degrees). There is a “sharp” stone, and another that is more rounded, and these two stones collect male energy from their surroundings, then feed them into the final line of stones which directs there energy eastwards. The Sharp Stone line takes an 8/10 strength core earth energy from the hills behind the monument. The Rounded Stone takes a 5/10 strength energy from water passing over crystal underground. These are two different forms of earth energy being combined here. One from the core of the earth itself, and another form generated from the movement of water over rock.

The two streams come out of the Key Stone – the stone without which the monument wouldn’t function – and these two streams travel together across the landscape. Interestingly, the two streams of male earth energy never combine. Instead they occasionally touch at points but never cross. The maximum width of the line (i.e. the furthest that the two streams come apart) is 6 feet.

Where and why?

So the big question I have is – where is these two male streams being directed to?

Castlekeelty alignment and circle - June 14 (Medium)


The Gazetteer of Irish Megaliths site suggests the following alignment:

150 metres W are remains of a probable stone-row, also set significantly beside a rock-outcrop. My colleague Tom FourWinds remarks that the stone-row has ‘a rather unique design feature. The tallest stone (2.5 metres tall) is a flat slab, but its axis is aligned neither with nor at right angles to the axis of the row. It is instead aligned to the axis of the long rocky outcrop that is next to the stones. The axis of the row is NE-SW with the tallest stone at the NE. This line points to a notch in the nearby skyline.’  (source: Irish Megaliths)

The axis of the stone may be slightly South-East, but the axis of the edge from which the male energy emerges happens to be exactly due East. I think this is the more significant alignment. There was indeed a notch in the hills in the distance. Whether this has an astrological significance, I can’t say, but in my experience male energy is usually directed towards a specific place in order to empower it. Therefore, I think that there is probably some distant ancient site which is receiving this male energy and being empowered by it. Without physically walking the path it would be difficult to say what this is.

Kal was still meditating when I finished my work at the stone row. I waited patiently for him, and then we descended rapidly, feeling like we were running out of time to see some of the other sites that we had actually planned to see on this solstice day. Something about the difficulty in getting up to these sites should have given us an indication that things may not go according to plan now. Had we lost our solstice vibe? I’ll tell you about what happened in my next post.


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    1. If only there was a good Irish equivalent to an Ordnance Survey map! Then I could do some proper tracing. My feeling is that the male energy stream is going to the Glengarriff Nature Reserve area, but that’s just a guess. Glengarriff Castle, perhaps?

      Has anyone visited this castle?

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