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Bran’s quick healing

September 10, 2014

Finally we can get to the posts about things that happened after the Summer Solstice! Shortly after our return from Ireland we found an opportunity to go to Wales to visit one of our favourite sites – Dinas Bran.

It was a really hot day, and so we climbed the steep hill very very slowly, yet still we were wringing wet with sweat when we reached the summit. Luckily, Dinas Bran always has a stiff breeze to cool you down – often when you don’t want it! Today, however, it was most welcome.

Dinas Bran - July 2014 (3) (Medium)
The hot climb up Dinas Bran is ahead of us

The Death of Gwas

You will remember that I had been told to kill off Gwas. Having agreed to do that several things began to come together to reinforce that decision. Firstly, my full time job came to an end! I had about a month’s notice in order to re-position myself and work out whether I wanted to find another soul-sucking position in an industry that I didn’t agree with. I needed help!

As a druid I turned to my natural sources of information – my spirit guides. Yes, “guides” plural. I recently found I have more than one! I made frequent trips out into Nature and spent time meditating on the correct course of action. Each time I would return with the idea that it was now time to take on the mantle of the title “druid”, and this meant that I needed to go it alone. “Ah, that would be the ‘hedge’ part of that title!” Not quite. Going it alone and starting a new business would mean that actually I would have to do the opposite of going alone – I would have to open up to the world and engage with it on a level I had never before attempted. *Gulp*

I needed Bran‘s help. He was the one who had time and again pushed me to learn new skills, and he was a wise “head” on ancient shoulders. I felt a particular trust with this entity, and wanted his opinion on my future direction. Hence, a journey to Dinas Bran.

Dinas Bran - July 2014 (8) (Medium)
A summer’s day on Dinas Bran

Getting Direction

The dowsing rods took me to a location close to where I usually encountered Bran. I know that he moves around so I wasn’t unduly disturbed by this. I would know if it was Bran when I connected up, which I did. It felt like the big-headed beast indeed. I felt like I was inside his giant head, and that my head was his head. And my head was the whole hill. That’s a strange feeling to try to explain!

I began Dowsing to find out whether my new life course was the correct one. I had been having all sorts of issues which were causing me concern, and so I wanted to know if these incidents were related to me being on or off course in terms of “being on the path”, of being aligned to my destiny. The answer I got was that the problems were happening because I had got my head too far into “the work” of making the transition from one job to another. I needed to get back on The Path and then all would be smooth sailing again. Understood!

Relieved, I just felt like I should ask if the site needed healing. Yes, it did. A 4 strength incompatible energy had been imprinted on the site by someone (accidentally). I could restore the balance of the energies, and it would be good practise for me to do so. Earth healing was about to become my life’s work, after all!

I connected, and using the rods to find the place to put four crystals. I was taken to various locations around the smooth green grass on the top of the castle remains. I had picked two quartz and two turquoise crystals. I didn’t know their significance, only that they seemed to be a balanced pairing, and this fitted my intention – to re-balance the site.

I am taken back to the power centre that I started from. As I connect with Bran he emerges out of the hill, rising up to merge with my body. We join together such that my head is his head, and his arms are mine. He points to the two quartz crystals, touching them with the tip of one finger and bringing down the sun to the quartz crystals.

 Then he holds out a cupped hand above the two turquoise crystals, allowing the moon’s rays to fall into them and pool.

Dinas Bran - July 2014 (6) (Medium)
The face of Bran in the rocks that remain at Dinas Bran

This act restores the balance, once the intention is set that the healing process is initiated. The weak incompatible energy is cleared even before we leave. At that moment I look up and above me I see a face formed by the rocks with a beautiful flower emerging from its “third eye”. The significance strikes me like a lightning bolt and I reel, breaking the bond with Bran.

Dinas Bran - July 2014 (9) (Medium)
The many portals of Dinas Bran

I clear up my energies using some incense and then I see that Kal is ready to go. I am too. Yet again it has been a fulfilling and worthwhile effort to go out into Nature and spend some time interacting on a magickal level with the entities that are inherent in this land. Life’s purpose seems clear – I am to become a full-time energy worker and teacher.


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