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The Portal Prison

September 16, 2014

This tale occurs just before my quest to “Kill Gwas” – something which I have almost fulfilled. I was invited to go to the Llangernyw Yew in the middle of August. Kal needed some urgent answers about his future direction, and I am always looking to go out and meet ancient yew trees. We always seem to get work to do when communing with the ancient yew, and it is usually related to death energy or learning about The Underworld. No exception today.

On arrival I asked to be taken to a place where I could learn something. I was taken to a quiet spot underneath one of the smaller yew trees, and there I felt I needed to cleanse. To get rid of the worldly energies that I brought with me. In the last month I have realised that much of our work is a process of cleansing, energising and synergising (integrating the new energy to transform). I now call this process “Reconstellation” (see

The Brain Trust

After cleansing I was taken to a power centre which was in front of a specific gravestone. As I stood in the flow of its energy I began to connect to the nearby mighty yew tree. Once in communication I was able to ask the question:

“Why am being shown this grave stone?”

I was at the grave of a lady called Gwyneth Parry I found that I will be able to heal the disease that she died of. I felt the spirit of  The Green Man come though to me, as he had done before in this graveyard. I asked to be given information about what this grave meant to me. A few seconds later the phrase “brain tumour” came to mind. I have no idea if this is correct, because I can’t validate that yet. However, what I could validate was whether I was able to energetically affect brain tumours. The astonishing result of that enquiry is … yes, I am told I can. Now I need to give that a go and see if it’s true in practise, rather than in theory. I am looking to contact some cancer charities to see if energetic healing is on their radar at all.

I asked if there was anything else I needed to consider, and The Otter card from the Wildwood Tarot came to mind. It had been the forgotten aspect of my tarot draw for the Ireland Summer Solstice trip. Now I was being invited to consider these aspects:

“Contemplating things with a considerate heart.  Learning trust.  Serving with love. Refusing to listen. Living only in the imagination.” (source: Wildblog!)

Page of Vessels - Otter Wildwood Tarot
Otter – Page of Vessels

I think I understand. I would need to be single-minded about the move I was about to make – the leap of faith as I launched my new business alone. I needed to trust, to be considerate of others in this process, and to refuse to listen to the doubters who might scoff at the idea that I could make a living doing this “new age nonsense”, as many would no doubt think of it.

But the best was yet to come. That was the easy stuff! Now came something altogether more testing!

Of Portals and Mortals

My latest quest up until the Autumn Equinox is to investigate energy portals and to learn to “see from the other side”. I knew that there were two “what I call” portal stones at the back of St Digain’s Church. Yet I never presume that I am going to do any action – I let the dowsing rods lead me to where I need to be. In this instance I was still on this “learning” directive, and so I was taken to the side of the church, and the rods crossed on top of a raised single grave with a huge flat embedded headstone.

I stood on the headstone and did some protection and connection. It was not The Green Man this time. Instead I felt it was a shade – an energetic remnant of a once living human – a lost soul, if you will. I listened to the shade’s guidance. It sounded … wrong. Something in me felt that the information was rubbish, and misleading, and that if I followed the shade’s guidance I would be straying off my spiritual path. I needed some “external” guidance, and so I stepped off the headstone and into an energetically neutral place, asking for my own spirit guide Ash to come to me.

Llangernyw Yew Tree - Samhain 2012 (4) (Medium)

I told Ash the information, and asked for his opinion, saying that I felt it was wrong. Ash told me that I did well to spot that it was wrong advice, and that this was a lesson in trusting intuition and not taking all direction from spirit just because it comes from an Otherworldly source! A test? Wow – I hadn’t had such an experience for … well, ages! Yet, my intuitive guidance was right. This bolstered my confidence no end. I hoped I would be able to take that into my new business, and not let myself get too carried away to notice the intuitive signs. That was what I was being told here.

Slap The ‘Cuffs On!

Somewhat relieved I asked the dowsing rods if there was anything else for me to learn here. I would appear that there was. The rods began to lead me round the back of the church and then swung around to lead me right into the centre of the ‘portal stones’. Ahh… these things. They were possibly the first experience I had of an energetic portal. I had been taken to different places and states of mind when standing between them previously. Now it seemed like I would be having another experience of their power. At least I was prepared!

Standing between he portal stones and connecting into trance I began to feel like I was being held in handcuffs – my hands were even raised away from my sides as though shackled. They wouldn’t move. Then my trance began to deepen even though I had my eyes open. They clouded over as though I was looking at the back of my eyeballs – that’s the only way I can describe it! My feeling sense was directed to various trees and houses and I could feel the emotion and power that these places exuded – their natural power or the power of the people within them.

Llangernyw - Lammas 2012 (10)

Now I felt like I was seeing “from the others side”. I was seeing like the shades see – through a misty watery vision – indistinct and difficult to focus. The focus was in fact the whole vision field at once, rather than anything specific in it. So, this is how the dead see if they don’t pass through into spirit, I mused. How interesting!

Walking The Dead Paths

I realised I was able to free myself from the portal’s energetic handcuffs and so I did. Being free I began to walk back along an energetic path, winding slowly right then left and back again. I was following a definite trail – a trail that the dowsing rods had led me on to get to the stones. I was still deep in trance, however. What was I doing, I wondered? Then I realised. I was walking how the dead walk!! With a sudden sharp snap of will I popped out of trance and broke away from the sinewy trail. OK – so for a moment there I was walking a trail of the dead. How fascinating! They couldn’t escape like I could – they were locked into those paths, but I had will and could free myself. Interesting!

I needed a bit of light relief after that! Never mind the paths of the dead, how about my own life path? I sat under the ancient yew tree and we connected like old friends. It was a beautiful experience. I asked the tree if my new life path was correct and the yew said it was. The yew presented me with a video sequence in my mind – it showed me the Disney Robin Hood cartoon sequence where Robin, disguised as a stork, splits the cheating Sherriff of Nottingham’s arrow during a competition.

Well, you can’t get more “true” than “dead” on, can you? I felt much happier, and ready to take on my new role, new job, new life.Isn’t this work amazing? I love it! Nature offers us such fantastic strength, support and reward.


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