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A sacred life defined part 01

November 3, 2014
Wiley Coyote
Wiley Coyote

Holy smoke! It has been an age (or so it seems) since I have added an update to Hedge Druid. Life – of the mundane kind – has got in the way. Well, it hasn’t really, to be more accurate, visits to sacred sites have had to be put on hold whilst both Chris and I dealt with issues in our respective mundane lifes. That said, it doesn’t mean that sacredness (whatever that is) has been left behind. Far from it.

Tales there are still to be told. So I am going to do one of them soul-searching and emotive posts. I hope! Over the last few months life has economically speaking become strained. So much so that believe it or not, at one point I was down to my last few £’s. In the parlance of a British Man I was crapping myself.

I was ready to throw in my self-employed towel and embark into the realms of gainful employment. However as you know. I have tied my ship to the energetic (or sacred path) hook line and sinker. Thus, at one point Chris and I visited our old friend the Ancient Yew in order to gain guidance.

My question was simple, should I change direction and look for gainful employment or should I continue on the path that I was walking which seemingly was heading towards a cliff edge. It has to the utmost huborous to be asking a tree what path am I to take. Such is the life I have chosen.

We arrived early evening beneath the eaves of that famed tree and I paid my respects to the spirit of the place before seating myself on the bows of this wonderous being. I felt that I didn’t need to ask my question on this visit. Wasn’t it obvious?

Closing my eyes and taking in the smell of frankincense incense that I had lit, I opened myself to commune with Ancient Yew. With startling clarity a vision came to mind of me standing before a huge chasm with a rickety bridge spanning it. Indiana Jones came to mind as I looked at this treacherous path. And then the voice of Yew entered my mind…

The problem isn’t that the bridge is unsafe. The problem is that you think there is a chasm

I swear to the heavens I was dumb struck by this revelation. So there is no problem, I attempted to clarify. But Yew was done, with that one phrase alone and no more was forthcoming. I explained my commune to Chris who laughed at my consternation. What did it mean? Was I just to stop worrying? How could that work?

I literally had enough funds in the bank to last maybe 2/3 weeks and then caput and the trust that I was given is that there is no chasm! I think I left the Yew more fear-filled than when I had arrived.

Kal Malik – on the edge – quite literally

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