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A sacred life defined part 02

November 18, 2014

Two weeks had passed since my visit to the Ancient Yew and the advice of “…there is no chasm” which is not something you can pay the rent with is it! The cartoon image was looking quite foretelling now. I was walking into town ready to transfer my remaining few £’s into my current account. It would pay the bills for about a week and then I would be breathing fumes as they say.

It was terrifying. Over the last two weeks my resolve collapsed occasionally and I would frantically hunt the job pages and websites for work. Fire off the odd CV and application. All done to the soft intonation of “…there is no chasm” Chris was awestruck at my ability to trust and frankly so was I. But it was as I said to him. This is where the rubber was meeting the road and if I quit now, what then does all of this mean?

Reckless isn’t the word I would use. Foolish, stupid, idiotic, insane are much more apt words that I would use to describe my behaviour and indeed all my friends and family, save trusty ol’ Chris, used to describe my behaviour.

But I was ready to be damned for the path I had chosen. So, as I said, I was going into town to transfer the last of my meager savings into my active account. In moments of self-pity I felt the pangs of a lost soul “…there is no chasm” It felt like a useless affirmation.

Flash back to two days ago

crystal elixirI was in my rooms and considering whether there was anything energetic that I could do to help my situation. I know, I know, all that balderdash about not doing magic for self-gain? Seriously, you still believe that charmed nonsense? Not me, I’ve been doing magic as described herein for the last 10 years or so and it has always been beneficial although completely unexpectedly.

As I said, I was pondering energetic assistance and grabbed my rods to see whether such a path was (a) advisable and (b) feasible. The answer to both of these questions was yes. I wasn’t expecting that.

I have of course many tools in box so I spent several minutes dowsing to see which ones were appropriate. I asked the dowsing rods whether any crystals were involved? The answer was Yes and One. I dowsed to find which one and it ended up being a Heart shaped Rose Quartz. I asked what else was involved and was taken around my room until I stopped at a bottle of mineral water. Really!?

Finally there was one other item that made the process clear. The last piece of the puzzle that the rods took me to was a glass. It was immediately clear that I should make a rose quartz elixir and I was to drink it. But come on, seriously? This was going to help me with my financial issues? What had I to lose, right?

I created the elixir and determined that no intention or indeed anything else was required. So I drank it up, refilled the glass to use up all the water and drank it up again. It seemed that this was all that was needed.

Back to the Future

So that was two days ago, let’s jump to today again. As I mentioned above I was transferring the last vestiges of my savings to my current account. I was stood in the queue at the bank when I got a phone call. It was a client of old that wanted to rehire me. Of course I agreed immediately. It was a life line. Then, literally minutes later, another potential client who I had given up hope on, dropped me an email and agreed to take my services on.

It was utterly a shock that in a period of two days, the magic had brought fruition. But that was not the end of it. When I came up, frankly in a daze, I noted an envelope beneath the glass I had used two days ago. I wondered what was in it. It turned out to be some old papers from a trip to the USA. Also in the envelope was a pre-pay travellers credit card. I was about to bin it when I thought, maybe there was a dollar or two left on it. The next day I took it into the bank and to my surprise it had over a thousand dollars on it. I had completely forgotten. But a thought occurred to me…had the rods took me to the glass or the envelope?

And there is more…that evening, I was shopping and decided to check a lottery ticket that I had bought a while ago. Now let me say that over the years I’ve bought a ticket on occasion, however, to this day I have never won so much as a pound. So, when the lady informed me that I had won £25 it was a complete surprise.

To conclude, in literally 2 days since I performed that bit of magic I was solvent again. Now I am not saying that this would work for you. But I have reported here the truth of the matter.

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