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Irresistable Full Moon at the Edge

November 25, 2014

It was the full moon last night and frankly, it was irresistible. I had to go out and gather in its energy. The wood of the wizards at Alderley Edge seemed to be inviting me so I set off to the sounds and flashes of Fireworks. England was celebrating Guy Fawkes night. As is is usual for this night, the air had a soft haze to it, no doubt from the many fires that were lit across the country.

About an hour and some minutes later I parked up by the wood and grabbed my satchel of tools. I didn’t feel like venturing in too deep as I have the habit of getting lost in this wood. So I let the rods decide where it is that I should go. After a few minutes walk I realised that they were taking me to a place where I had connected with the depths of the Earth and so they did.

Fortunately, here in the woods there was no mist and I could see the beautiful moon in between the branches of the trees. It was quite low on the horizon. Feeling the need to light some incense, I did and placed the three sticks around me as I prepared to connect with the Earth. Or so I thought…

I settled into a comfortable place and opened my mind to what I thought was going to be a journey into the depths of the Earth. Instead I had a vision of a fallen tree. In fact it wasn’t just ‘a fallen tree’ it was the fallen tree that used to be in this wood a few years ago but had now rotted away and had been removed.

Place where I was named
Place where I was named

I recalled how Chris and I used to always begin our walk in these woods with a visit to that tree. I had fond memories of it as it was the place we had deeply explored energetically. Here it was in my vision. What did it mean? Was I to visit the place it used to be? No, was the feeling I got to that question. I wondered about any other significance. I recalled that it was the place where I had been named…

  • Magician who creates his own worlds

Now, that was a long time ago…well, about 6 years ago. Was that why I was shown this vision. There was a definite Yes feel to that so I continued to probe this vision. Why did I need to recall that? Was it relevant to me? To each of these the response came back, Yes. Did I need to create my own world? No, that wasn’t it. Had I created my own world? Yes. That definitely got a good feeling for it. But so what? It wasn’t “world” it was “worlds”. Had I created my own worlds? Yes.

It was then that my intuition finally kicked into gear. Did I need to shift into another world that I had created? Yes. But how do I know which one? Or indeed how do I do it? Alas there was no answers forthcoming. All I had was that I had created a world (or more than one) and that I needed to shift into it. Why? Which? How?

I thought I was done and rather un-impressed. I began walking back towards the road and the car. I didn’t even feel like a gratitude ceremony. As I walked back I kicked the occasional fallen twig. And then another memory flooded into my mind.

…this is where it all began…the wand quest…it was here in Alderley Edge, the Wizards wood that I had first picked up a small branch and had been told to create a wand…oh so many years ago…

It was that world that I had to move into. I was sure of it. That world had been left on the outskirts of possibility, now Caileach had commanded that the wand be made. But to do that I had to shift into another world. A world I had created all them years ago. When the Wand Maker quest had been revealed. Holy Moses!

I spent a few minutes confirming that this is what the vision had meant. Yes, yes and yes. Now I knew, why and which. But not the how. Was that going to be revealed on this trip? No. Now I felt that gratitude was to be served up so I presented a gift of burning incense to the night and the wood and left.

Kal Malik – changing worlds.




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