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Samhain 2014: What about the Tarot?

November 14, 2014
Notice proximity to water and heights
another journey begins

Okay, in all the excitement of my Samhain outing, I completely forgot that I had taken my Tarot cards with me until I took them out of my pouch at home. With some shock at my lack of presence I quickly grabbed the rods and asked whether I could still do some work with them? Fortunately the answer was Yes. A quick check told me that if I had waited another day then the answer would have been No. Phew!

I asked how many cards needed to be drawn. One! Just one? I was disappointed. How can you get much information from just one card? Nevertheless, I decided to split the cards in a binary fashion and eventually got to about 8 cards, at which point I asked. Is it card…1, 2, 3 etc until I got to one card.

With a good dose of curiosity I turned the card over, it was the Fool. I had to laugh as given the content of my vision earlier that day (see here) I wasn’t surprised at all. and of course the resounding cry goes out, doesn’t it? Come on, say it…Coincidence!

Kal Malik – playing the fool once again!

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