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Samhain, Nine Ladies, Fay, Goddess and a Wand

November 6, 2014
Nine Ladies
Nine Ladies

It began with me dowsing for what needed to be taken on an outing. My destination was the Nine Ladies sacred site in Derbyshire. It has to be said that it draws both Chris and I every samhain. This time however it was to be a lone trip as Chris was leaping up the slopes of Kilimanjaro. My dowsing created an unusual bundle of items.

  • Tarot cards (their first outing)
  • Candles (with glass case – for wind resistance)
  • Incense
  • A heart-shaped quartz crystal
  • Gold coin (which was imbued with heart opening energy in Carnac by The Fay)

An impressive list, usually it is just incense. Still with this kit in tow, I set off for the fabled Nine Ladies. Even with the days drawing to a close, I arrived in the daylight. Which is another rarity for this site as we are often here in the dark. Another fortune that was bestowed on me was a beautiful day. I suppose the fact that it was daylight and a weekday that gave me the site to myself. Afterall it was All Hallows Eve. Within moments, I got to preparing the items that I had brought with me.

All, with the directions of the Rods. I used 4 stones on the left of the circle (viewed from the Oak). On one the Cards were placed, on another the candle and incense and on a third the Rose Quartz and finally the Gold coin was on the transformer stone.

I noted with interest that the coin had to be placed on the transformer stone by the way. So with the tools laid out. I was directed to stand inside the circle and facing the gold coin. I let my senses drift and was immediately filled with music. It was a strange awry sound, almost as if the instruments that were playing were out of tune.

  • It isn’t that they are out of tune, it is your ears

Ah…that old and rather beautiful crone, Caileach had appeared behind my left ear. It is interesting that I think back on it now. She always appeared to my left, just behind my ear. Is that significant? What do you mean I asked.

  • The sound is attuned for Fay ears, look…
nine fay dancing
nine fay dancing

I looked around and my normal vision was overlayed with sight of the unseen. From each of the stones a faerie was pulling itself out. I was captivated by the shapes of being that were appearing. Of course there were nine of them. However when I turned to the stone in front of me I saw something more. Light from the sun was reflecting off the Gold Coin, almost as if it was pouring energy into the coin.

  • Out of the stone into the sun

Caileach whispered, almost in awe. Her tone was so surprising that I turned to look directly at her. A mistake that I don’t make too often these days, because as soon as I did I was captivated by her eyes. Nothing save her eyes existed and for a few moments, I realised my mistake. She let me lose myself in that vision for many minutes and I suspect that she was rebuking me for my mistake. Then she let me go and I took a step back.

The music that had faded into the background returned as the Fay danced a slow and jittering dance across the sacred site. I wondered about it and was given an answer immediately…

  • It isn’t them, it is your sight that is not attuned…

I was kind of getting the picture. Was there any purpose to this I asked and was shocked to my core with the roaring laugh that came from the Goddess.

  • Yes, yes and thrice yes

The “thrice” is probably my poetic licence. But I have to say, that laugh, you don’t want to hear Caileach laugh, I am telling you. Talk about passionate sex and finger nails screeching on a blackboard…yes, that was what it felt like.

Caileach waved an arm and the dancing Fay all danced into line. They were carrying something in their hands and as they approached me they all held up their hand until they were bunched together. From their hands a sparkling light was rose a few feet into the air and came together in front of me…it was a wand. Caileach nodded as understanding dawned. It didn’t need to be said, but she did anyway…for effect I guess…

  • Next year, you create THE wand…

It was guidance wrapped into a command. Everything faded, the fay, the light to the sun from the coin, even Caileach. I knew my visit to this sacred place was done and man, what a destination it had set up.


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