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Amber – it’s not what you think – Egypt 7

December 26, 2014

Unbelievable. I agree! I came to Egypt on a quest for Amber and my thinking was that it would be a piece of Amber resin. Maybe in some jewelry or in some crystal shop and what does it end up being. Amber perfume oil. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. And how did this knowledge come to me? Via a trip out into the desert and a meeting with some Bedouin. Truly, if anything is a sign of amazing magic, this is it.

Egyptian Bottles
Egyptian Bottles

I had been anointed with the oil but that (according to the rods) would not suffice. I had to acquire some of this oil. Thus it was my final afternoon in Cairo and I decided to hunt in the souks for this oil. I asked the taxi driver to take me to the biggest markets and I wandered the streets, trying to find an aimless (and yet purposeful) mindset. It must have worked because I found myself staring into the window of a little shop that had many bottles in it. Fortunately the shop was in a bit of a side street and I was able to do a quick bit of dowsing…

  • Did this shop have the oil I wanted? Yes
  • Which shelf was it on? 3rd
  • Which bottle was it in? 11th

I walked into the shop and saw one shelf with oils on it. Rather disappointed I counted to the 11th one and was about to enquire about its price, when on impulse I asked the vendor, do you have an oil called Amber? To my surprise he said Yes and walked behind me to another shelf that I had not seen. I swear, that as i turned to follow him, I saw one other shelf between the one I had looked at and the one he got a bottle of. The third shelf!

My surprise at this made me lose attention and I didn’t see where exactly the vendor had picked up the Amber oil from but it was between the 10th and 13th bottle on the 3rd shelf. It could have been the 11th for sure. But I am not absolutely certain. Nevertheless, what a find! A thought occurred to me though, was this really Amber? I asked to look at the bottle and my Arabic is good enough to read that it was indeed Amber.

Had I gained the first ingredient to the Wand I was creating? Yes!

Kal Malik – Oh my Goddess!

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