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Fire Element in Cairo – Egypt 2

December 20, 2014
place of preparation
place of preparation

An Element Quest is what I am on. Or at least one of the quests. Earlier this year, I had gained the Element of Earth in Brittany, France. Then in Ireland I gained the Element of Water. At that place I also learned that the Element of Fire was to be gained in Egypt. Which is half of the reason why I was here.

I had arrived in Cairo about two hours ago. Spending a few minutes in my hotel had left me irksome to be out and about. A map told me that the Giza plateau was a mere 2 miles from my hotel. So I took to Shanks Pony and wandered through the hot afternoon sun towards the pyramids.

In the winter the pyramid area closes at 4pm. I had arrived at the gate at 3:15 and didn’t even think to pay the fee for just 45 minutes of access. After all I had 3 full days in Cairo. But, since this is an energetic adventure, I asked the dowsing rods whether it was worth while gaining access. The answer was a Yes. In fact it was essential (to the element quest). So I paid up the 80 Egyptian Pounds for access to – what is called – the area.

I asked the dowsing rods whether I was here to learn about the Fire Element quest and the answer was a surprising no. I fact, I was here to gain the Fire Element. What, so soon? No preamble! Was there a place that I needed to prepare first? Yes! I followed the rods to the back of the Great Pyramid and to the pyramid next to it. Standing between the two was the place to prepare. I stood there, looking up at the great pyramid. This is the land of Ra, the God of Fire.

Yes, I know, Ra is the Sun god, however in that moment of preparation, he was the Fire God. I felt the warmth of the sun beating down and into me. Mere minutes later, I was ready. I again followed the rods and they took me along the road that leads around the pyramids towards the plateau of the Sphinx. As I walked the road, I wondered whether the Sphinx would be the place I would gain the Fire element. It was not to be.

The rods led me towards the side of a small pile of earth that had some columns before it. I thought it was a minor tomb of some kind. This was where the rods where leading me. Then, at the last-minute, the rods turned me around and I was facing the pyramids and I knew, this was the place.

Element of Fire
Element of Fire

I didn’t need to ask the rods, but for the sake of completeness, I did. Yes! Of course! I looked up at the view (see pic) it was awe-inspiring – or rather – Fire Element inspiring! My thoughts opened and my eyes closed. I breathed in the fire of the sun, surrounded by the marks of the ancients.

Fire! It burned into my being. Like, free-flowing lava, it entered my third-eye and made its way through each of my (upper) chakras and into my Solar. I guess, where else was I expecting it to go? For once what I would expect and what actually happened aligned. A rarity I assure you.

It was hot, I mean the fire inside of me. I focused on it and found that I could cool it down or turn it up. But what did that mean? So I had an internal thermostat. So what? I groped for some intuitive understanding and then it came to me (as I played with – the – fire). If I turned it up, I could burn away indecision. I felt that it would drive or lead me to an action to be taken. Even as I stared at the above vista, more understanding was born within me. The Fire Element would give me the ability to act when there seemed no action to take. It would, quite literally, burn away indecision.

I took a step back and found the vision broken. A deep sign and a soft “wow” where my only expressions after this experience. At this time, I still don’t fully understand what it means and the significance of it all. However (since this post is written after my return) the next few days lent more to this elemental experience.

Kal Malik – gaining the Element of Fire

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