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Five Wells and an affirmation

December 6, 2014
Conversations with a Gnome
Conversations with a Gnome

It’s nice to be out in Derbyshire again. It has to be my favourite place to visit. Today we were going to visit a place we have only been on occasion but often passed by. Five Wells. The last time I visited here had resulted in a Sun and Moon aligned day. The effects on the energy of the place had been spectacular. I wondered whether this would be a similar experience.

One of the things you have to be aware of when working with the sacred (and by that I mean energy) world is to not get fixated on patterns. That world does not lend itself to patters. So, as is my standard operating procedure, I asked whether I needed to prepare, the answer was a “No, but…” But what? I felt around in my intuition and came up with an answer. I needed to get grounded. Odd, wasn’t that preparation?

Not one to argue, I let the rods direct me to a place where I could be grounded and let the Earth energy surround me and cleanse the grime of pollution. Once done, I was directed to a place to prepare, which interestingly was the same place that Chris had prepared himself moments before.

Grounded and prepared (which to me, means aligning my energy with that of the place) I was taken to a place that I could work with the sites energies. It was a few feet from the open chamber and terribly cold. I shivered and thought that it would have been nicer to have been taken inside. When a voice, deep and grumbling and yet warm and friendly, boomed into my consciousness.

  • “Come on inside then and I will meet you on the inside”

It was the Genius Loci with the voice of a gnome or at least that’s what it sounded like to me. Off I went into the seating place inside and further knowledge was divined.

  • “Go to the land of the sun, there you will collect the Fire Element and Amber for your wand.” The Gnome spirit told me.

You know, here is a curious thing. How come these beings of place know all this stuff about your personal quest? Have you ever thought about that and wondered whether all this is just in your head? Don’t go down that road too much or you’ll get the heebie-jeebies.

There was a parting shot from the Gnome as my commune concluded. “Air will be your greatest challenge of all the Elements” Thanks for that!


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