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Fun and a Funnel at The Bridestones

December 1, 2014

I have a strange mix of friends. Some people I would never consider introducing to others – they’re friends with widely differing tastes and interests. Every now and again I think two sets of friends would integrate well and I take a chance on introducing them to each other. So it was that Debra Delglyn had invited me to visit The Bridestones, and I saw the opportunity of introducing her to my friends Mike and Janet.

It took the pairing scarcely two minutes to become fully conversant and soon they were riffing off each other, laughing and sharing stories. Lovely! It worked. And so we ventured out together to the stones with me having not one worry about how they would operate at the site. It would be something special, and so it turned out to be.

A Gentle Introduction to Yew

The first feature of the site that I wanted to show Debra was the yew trees which stand at the entrance like a portal or doorway. Guardians of the experience within, they needed to be approached and respected with care. For those who bother to do this their experiences inside the Bridestones space is always more rewarding. Today was no exception.

Inside the space we settled and ‘browsed’ for the feel of the site. It felt good, but there was something amiss which needed addressing. Debra moved inside the chamber whilst the Mike and Janet set about working at the far end of the chamber on the outside. When they checked back with me I confirmed that this had been a point where there is often some kind of “seepage” of less wholesome energies, and so it was no surprise that they found a spot that they felt needed to be worked on to restore balance.

Bridestones - Nov 14 (1) (Medium)

I was ensuring that I was connecting to the Spirit of Place and getting in tune with the site before I began to do any work. This took time as I moved slowly between points of cleansing, re-energising and then harmonizing. Finally I was ready to work myself.

Debra had finished her introductions at the site, and decided to go work on the pile of stones that were piled on top of a wall close to the entrance of the site, but not now part of it.

The Maelstrom

Mike and Janet were clearing the patch of dark energy at the ‘pointy end’ of the site which they felt has been generated by three people. When they had completed this work we re-convened as I was ready to work now. We all examined the site from an energetic perspective in our own unique ways. The two psychics could see the Spirit of Place, whereas I used my intuitive feel to detect the issue. Simply put – the site felt degraded. Earlier in the year Mike and I had bolstered the energies from when we first created a healing space at the site. Now we felt like this needed to be re-energised once again, and the barriers between the nearby working quarry and the site needed to be strengthened too.

We all connected together energetically, with me standing in a power centre in order to have a good source of working energy to connect to. There was silence as we got into a meditative working state of mind, and then suddenly it happened. A huge spinning vortex of energy burst out from us all like a sudden maelstrom appearing. The vortex travelled horizontally along the length of the chamber and out to the entrance. It all happened in a matter of seconds, yet the vision was incredibly clear and the energy felt amazingly strong!

Energy vortex created at Bridestones
Energy vortex created at Bridestones

Not The End

After discussing this incident and agreeing that we had all created the same incredible shape we were about to leave. As we got to the two portal yew trees we were one by one “bounded back” as though an energetic barrier had been put in place. Seemingly, we were not supposed to leave yet!

I dowsed around and Janet intuitively selected the slanted stone. My dowsing rods curled around in a spiral to reach the same conclusion. There was more work to be done. We had not bolstered the protective wall that we had created on a previous visit. Mike felt that we needed to change the direction in which the energy from the nearby quarry was being dispersed. Instead of being grounded it needed to be sent up into the atmosphere for dispersal. We set about doing this, and after a few minutes of concentrated energy barrier creation we felt that there was a lifting in the way the site felt – it became a lighter feel – less dense.

Bridestones - Nov 14 (4) (Medium)
The pointy end of The Bridestones

Still Not Done

There was yet more. I needed to disconnect myself from the site, having gone to the trouble of connecting in to the spirit of place in the first place. It seemed rude to leave without saying goodbye, as it were.

The dowsing rods directed me to the sunny side of the two tall standing stones that front the chamber. Here I was able to connect with the spirit of place – Bride (or Brigid). The two psychics saw her as a white lady hovering next to me as I stood in that spot. I was directed to re-balance the site after all the light work. The balance would be to bring in at least SOME darker energy, otherwise there would be an imbalance that would only attract some people and not others. The idea is that everyone should feel comfortable at such places, not a select few.

Using my intuitive senses I found myself drawn to one particular area on the horizon. I began to draw some darker energies across from the direction of Biddulph Grange. I blended this energy into the site so that it felt balanced and harmonious, rather than “sunny and bright”. Yes, Brigid means bright, but this is the darker part of the year, and the brighter frequency is not in the ascendence yet. That time will come in February when it is Brigid’s festival day at Imbolc.

Bridestones - Nov 14 (7) (Medium)
Relaxing in the glow of The Bride

Debra returned to meet us as we were ready to leave. She had been working on the stones, chanting gently and offering flowers and energy to the stones, healing their harshness and their sense of disconnection from the main site. The stones she had worked on felt so much better as we passed them going back to the car. She’s clearly a very proficient earth and energy healer!


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