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Learning more about “the dress”

December 13, 2014
Being Grateful
Being Grateful

In this post I told you about my intuitive push towards buying a dress. I know, it sounds weird to me too. Gosh! However, since Chris and I were out hunting answers at sacred sites, I thought that I  might try and discover more about this departure from the norm. It was approaching mid-day when I arrived at the outskirts of a field that holds the Hoar Stones.

Chris was lagging way behind and at one point I turned to look into the forest behind me. Had I heard him in there? No, he wouldn’t have come that way. But something with it had caught my attention. I decided to explore.

I peered into the gloom and saw something flit away. A bird? I took some steps into the trees. Again something caught my attention. I got the feeling that this was something more than normal creature. Each time I considered giving up the venture, another noise or twitch would entice me further and deeper into the forest. Until, at one point, a protective instinct pulled me short…the pied piper… it was a whisper of a thought but it was enough to break my focus. Ah… I said to the invisible thing in the gloom, pointing an accusing finger into the trees. “Not this time…” I told it, whatever form of Leprechaun it was and turned my back on it with a slash of energy to cut any threads.

By the time I got to the Hoar stones, Chris had caught up. I approached the stones and asked whether any preparation was needed? Yes. So I followed the rods to the directed place and infused myself with the energies of this place. Once done, I asked whether there was anything I could do for this place? No. Was the energy of an alignment that I could learn something? Yes. Brilliant.

What I wanted to know was, was me getting the dress just a moment of insanity or was it something energetically significant? It was significant. I double and triple checked this answer. Asking the question in a variety of ways. Each time the answer was Yes. What can you do? It had been an intuitive decision. But what the heck did that mean? Why? It is the most popular question that we ask and one that, as you know, cannot be answered.

Okay, so the dress was significant, I thought to myself but was interrupted by myself. No, it wasn’t the dress, it was the person to whom the dress would fit (and be given to). Oh no…this was a familiar road…

A couple of years ago (was it only then?) I was on a quest to become a knight. At the beginning of that year long quest I had been told that at the end of it, I would encounter and rescue a maiden. By all improbability, that had been how that quest had turned out. Unbelievable! Was this going to be of a similar flavour? If so, I had better keep the lessons from that one to hand.

I wondered whether there was anything else to learn? Apparently so. I asked whether I should take this dress to Egypt with me? You never know, until you ask! No. But I would learn the identity of the person to whom the dress was going to on the Winter Solstice. Well, well, well.

The well of knowledge had dried out with that final piece and I was left, as per usual, with more questions than answers.

As an addendum, on our way back Chris stopped to take some pictures by the side of the forest. Again, I was drawn into looking into the forest. The tug was stronger than before. But then a strange thing happened. Chris’s staff called to me…of course…it had just gained the power to cleanse. I reached out and grasped it from the tree Chris had laid it against. A whoosh of power rushed in and through me as it burned through the tangle of weaves that were surrounding me. Wow!

Kal Malik – following a mad plan

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