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Calling a Genius Loci

December 15, 2014
Genius Loci Rabbit
Genius Loci Rabbit

Sometimes a sacred site pilgrimage turns into a multi-site visit. At such times, I wonder…am I going to the site or is the site calling me? It is a chicken and egg scenario as far as I’m concerned. At some point on our visit to Mitchells Fold, Chris said, let’s go to the Whetstones. Why not, I said and so off we went.

Minutes later we parked the car and clambered over the fence. En route we spotted some seasonally appropriate holly and both of us felt the need to gather some sprigs. Clambering another fence brought us to the site. It felt a bit empty to me so I asked whether the site needed to be energised? The answer was yes. So I went about working to bring some life to this sacred place. The upshot was a simple ceremony that had me placing Crystals, Coin (the one empowered by the Fay in Brittany) and incense. I left this collection in the site and brought in energy from the surrounding fields. A call, if you will.

Unbeknownst to me, Chris was up to a similar kind of work…synchronicity…I finished my work at the same time Chris did and we compared notes. “Ask what kind of spirit is being called?” he asked me to ask. I went through a list of spirits and the rods settled on Rabbit.

Kal Malk

ps: Here is the offering that attracted a new Genius Loci…


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