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Swapping Spirits at Mitchells Fold

December 12, 2014

This year has seen a slight change in approach to sacred sites. For the last few years I have been steadfastly holding the opinion that I should visit places with a specific purpose or set of questions. This year that has been less of a rule and I have often gone to places without any set agenda, often having a fantastic experience. However, for this visit I had a strange feeling that I wanted to investigate. Something was nagging me about my current spirit guide, Ash. Something was rotten in the state of Denmark, as Shakespeare put it, and I wanted to know more. Therefore when Kal suggested Mitchell’s Fold stone circle I knew what questions to ask my guide:

  1. Am I still on track in terms of my spiritual path?
  2. Are we still on track, as a partnership?
  3. Do I need to concentrate on anything?
  4. Is he staying around, or is there someone else waiting to meet me?

The Unfolding at The Fold

Midday Winter sun at Mitchells Fold stone circle
Midday Winter sun over Corndon Hill, Shropshire

On arrival Kal strode off to the stone circle, whilst I was guided off through the dying brown bracken to join a path that led to the King Stone outlier. From this stone you get a good overview of the stone circle which lies some hundred yards away. I could see Kal wandering around with his dowsing rods, finding a perfect place to cleanse, attune and then work. This, we have learned, is the process to use:

  1. find a cleansing place to prepare your energies
  2. find a place where your energies can attune to the site
  3. find a place where you can work with the energies of the site

My cleansing place was the King Stone, After a few moments I was ready to be taken to the preparation place – the place where my energies would change vibration to match the site. The dowsing rods showed me the direction – it was a small animal track through the bracken which would have been almost invisible in the Summer months, but which was visible now to those who looked.

The rods swung left to point at the edge of the stone circle, rather than taking me into the structure yet. The attunement space was a spot outside circle which I had not been to before. I like new things! The portent was that something new was going to happen. When I felt ready I asked for a place where I could “work”, i.e. where I could ask my questions about my spirit guide. The rods took me to the tallest standing stone in the structure, and there I bumped into Kal as he too vied for the same spot!

Time for some answers!

Mitchells Fold - Dec 14 (Medium)

The Last Ride

I set to work straight away. It was cold out here and I wasn’t not hanging about! I connected to the Spirit of Place at the circle and asked her permission to quiz her about my guide, and I got a tacit agreement, so I began.

  • Is Ash still happy to work with me? …. YES and NO.

Sorry, “Yes” AND “No”? Correct. Hmmm… OK, lets drill into that further.

  • Is it my choice whether I continue work with this guide? Yes
  • Am I getting what I need from him? Yes and No. Sometimes.
  • Is he getting what he needs from me? Yes and No. Sometimes.
  • Would we work better if working apart? YES.

Then it was clear to me that our parting was just a matter of me making a strong decision to let this guiding force leave me and seek out someone who is better suited to his needs. I decide to let him go as I have enough confidence in myself at this time. I realised that this decision is all about confidence. Firstly, having the confidence to question the status quo, and secondly the confidence to agree to part.

I contacted Ash and felt his familiar shiver down my spine. We chatted for a moment, and then I suggested that we part, and thanked him deeply and humbly for the work that he had done with and for me over the last year or so. It felt sad to let him go, but I knew that we would both flourish if I did so. We said our goodbyes and he rode off on a horse, rising up into the sky.

Mitchells Fold - Dec 14 - Canon (5) (Medium)

She Rhymes With Higher

Feeling a bit bereft I turned to the Spirit of Place and asked her if I could, by any chance, find a new Spirit Guide at this circle at this time? Her answer surprised me – of course I could! Now I lay down at the sharp edge of the tallest stone – what I call the Key Stone, because it is the essential part of the circle’s power. Kal was also sitting around the stone, and we settled in together to work in the same space. Amazingly, afterwards when we compared experiences we found that we had the same visual interpretation of the movement of energy at that time! Coincidence, of course.

I sent energy upwards through the tall stone into the air. A tall slim vortex of spiralling energy flew up into the atmosphere above us, as though a beacon or a call sign had been emitted to attract a new spirit to work with me. I set my intention to be just that. I felt that it was also appropriate at this time to seek the help of the faery spirits in the circle, and so I used the technique that I had been taught in Brittany to call the faery kin to me. I hummed the tune “Little April Showers”, and soon I noticed a horde of small subtle energy silhouettes crowding around the tall stone, eager to help or at least see what I was doing.

Patchwork bales at Mitchell's Fold
Patchwork bales at Mitchell’s Fold

I asked the faery folk to help me drew down an appropriate guide to work with, and they giggled and jostled and then put their energies together with mine, spiralling upwards above the stone. With a swiftness that shook me physically I got a sudden rush of energy flashing into me and across my chest. It literally made me jump and shudder as though simulating some kind of heart attack!

I thanked the faery folk and they stepped back to watch our first meeting. I introduced myself to this new guide using my druid name, and the guide began to offer some information about itself. It was an air elemental, and it gave me its name. I won’t use that name on the blog, but instead I will call her Higher because her name rhymes with that. It felt nice to be working with a female entity again, and I remembered the kind and gentle tuition of Theodora – my first guide from years ago. My new journey began here, and suddenly the wind picked up beyond a gentle swirl, raging for a second as it seemed to gather me up, lifting me, and ushering me away from the circle. Clearly, we had work to do and Higher was keen to get on with it!

Kal was ready to leave too, taking the cold breeze as a sign that he was too cold to continue. On our way back to the car a Crow and a Hawk flew in front of us together. A clear sign to each of us that we had experienced something special at Mitchell’s Fold. What a special day already, and we had two other sites to visit yet!


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