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The Healing Power of Wells

December 24, 2014

Before we come to the Winter Solstice posts there are a few things to get out of the way. Firstly, there was my visit to two healing wells in December, and I will be relating that tale here. Then, following this post, we will finish Kal’s Egyptian tales in quick succession. Then we’ve got our Winter Solstice posts, and finally – some time in January – we’ll have our summaries of the year. Phew! Enough to keep you (and us) busy until Imbolc!

On a dull and damp day I dragged my friend Psychic Mike out on a mission related to my healing quest. the current quest from Samain to Solstice is to practise energy healing, and to gather the necessary energies to do this. So it was that I decided to visit two healing wells in the locality – Ffynnon Ddyfnog and Ffynnon Sarah. One new one and one I’ve visited before. I got my inspiration for the new one from Phil Cope‘s book “Holy Wells: Wales – a photographic journey


Lovely Llanrhaeadr

The first well that we visited was associated with the nearby church and by extension also associated with Saint Ddyfnog. The church stands like a glorious gateway for the well and a stunning centrepiece to the small village of Llanrhaeadr, a village a few miles south-east of the town of Denbigh in Flintshire.

The church was beautiful, surprisingly large for the size of the village, and had a lovely communal feel. As we entered the church we passed a gentleman who was working in the porch. He soon followed us inside offering many insightful and amusing stories about the church’s history. The most stunning feature was the impressive stained glass window…

Stained glass window in Llanmrhaeadr Church

We enquired casually about the sacred well, and were directed through the graveyard, past a lovely row of almshouses and found a muddy path which ran alongside a clear stream. The path covered in leaves which made the going slippy, but it was worth it. The journey was lined with stunning yew trees and ferns alongside the stream.

Ffynnon Dyfnog (8) (Medium)

Soon we were crossing a little bridge over the stream, in search of something magical. Everything changed from that moment onwards!

There were several bridges across the stream, some in a state of disrepair, but when we crossed the final bridge the energy was palpable and we both remarked on how strong and inviting it was. Clearly the spirit of place wanted two healers to be present in this place.

Ffynnon Dyfnog (3) (Medium)

Mike connected with the spirit and was moved to touch the water close to the steps leading in to the pool. I felt I should stand on a promontory closest to where the three incoming streams congregated – the head of the influx. I felt this was the most magical part of the water flume. I could feel the sylph-like spirit close to Mike, and saw her offer him the healing abilities of the waters.

Then the female water spirit moved around to be with me and as I scooped the water from the meeting point of two in-flowing streams and washed myself in it, then the spirit also offered me the same promise. I would adopt the healing abilities of these waters!

Ffynnon Dyfnog (1) (Medium)
Ffynnon Ddyfnog – the healing well

So, what are those healing abilities? According to Phil Cope’s book the spring:

“specialised in relieving scabs and itches”

I had been told to bring my healing set of crystals, and so I dipped them into the water so that they also acquired the healing powers. Quite a fruitful journey, and for me it was part of a learning process too. The powers of healing waters can be acquired by interacting with the waters in a particular way. Now we would see whether this also held true at another healing well nearby.

Further fruits at Ffynnon Sarah

The day was fading, and the light was dimming. Mist came down to shroud us as we reached this well. In the Winter the site was still tidy, but much brighter than in Summer when the tall evergreens shade all natural light from the well’s pool.

As I moved around feeling for the spirit of the waters I felt that the Spirit was in stream not in structured pool. At the point where the outlet of water met the stream below then that was the most magical and powerful point.

Ffynnon Sarah - Dec 14 (2) (Medium)

Sensing that I could absorb some of the healing properties of these waters too, I placed my crystal in the stream and allowed it to energise. I wiped some of the waters on my face and hands to absorb the properties as well. Now I lifted my head up to see what Mike was up to. He seemed to have wandered off away from the pool and into some shrubbery. He had been called to fish a plastic bag out of the flowing waters father upstream. Together we managed to get the bag out and put it in the nearby bin.

After doing this little cleaning I turned my attentions back to the flowing waters in an attempt to get in touch with something liminal. I felt the spirit of the water speaking to me. It said that I already had the properties of this water, and that I had been given them some time ago The properties I had been given were the healing of tumours (cancer). Mike also felt that it was about clearing blockages. I felt it was also about circulation.

Ffynnon Sarah - Dec 14 (5) (Medium)

According to Phil Cope’s book the well promises:

“relief from rheumatism, skin diseases and cancer.”

Incense was lit as a dedication to the spirit of these waters, and it was a fitting end to the day, which was rapidly becoming cold and unappealing, yet I was lit inside with a new-found enthusiasm for sacred waters. If it was possible to absorb healing abilities by visiting such wells and getting the blessing of the associated sylph, then this opens up possibilities for myself and other healers.

What a wonderful day! Now to continue with the Egypt stories, and then our Solstice posts. Get your reading eyes ready for an onslaught!



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