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The Whetstones and The Hoarstones

December 17, 2014

In this second part of our Winter expedition to Shropshire we re-visit two circles that we have only been to once before – the so-called Whetstones and Hoarstones circles. Having had such a wonderful experience at Mitchell’s Fold there was little or no expectations attached to our visits to these much smaller circles. As this tale of healing shows, you can’t always judge the power of a circle by its size!

The first of the circles was The Whetstones, a semi-destroyed circle in the lee of Corndon Hill, less than a mile away from Mitchell’s Fold.

Sharpness at The Whetstones

We parked on the small road which passes the base of Corndon Hill, and looked for an entry point into the field. We could see that there was a cluster of stones in the second field away, but we couldn’t remember how we had got there previously. Over a rotting wooden stile, slippery with moss, and then into an empty field. We walked along the barbed wire fence until we found bunches and branches of prickly holly, ripe with berries, but slashed from the bushes, and now lying forlorn in the field. We both carefully gathered a small sample – only taking the fallen bounty.

Whetstones - Dec 14 (8) (Medium)

We found a slack part of the barbed wire where others had obviously gained entry to the stones as well, and we hopped over into another field empty except for some distant sheep and a cluster of recumbent stones only feet away on a low rise. The circle was energetically defunct – that much we could tell from its feel and when we dowsed this only confirmed what we already ‘knew’. We’re getting good at identifying subtle energy forces now, and the rods only act as confirmation most of the time.

We checked whether it was suitable and proper to try to re-energise the circle. There was no spirit of place to connect to – one did not exist for this site, and so we only had our intuition and the dowsing response to work with. This informed us that it was okay to try, and we both got the same reply. Independently, and in our own ways, we both laid down offerings at different parts of the circle. I had with me the recently acquired holly, a stone that I had picked up when walking to the circle, and some old bones that I had obtained from Five Wells Barrow in Derbyshire. Now was the time to use these objects to set a new intention – to re-energise this site.

Whetstones - Dec 14 (5) (Medium)
Bones used to energise a sacred site

After setting our intention we did a bit of dowsing to see whether our work had attracted a new spirit of place or not. We both learned that the new spirit would be an animal spirit, and that it  will come to the circle some time in the near future, although we couldn’t tell when. Kal dowsed that it would be a rabbit!

With that done, we felt ready to move on to our next objective – another small stone circle in the marshlands about a mile or two further on close to the village of Hemford.

Healing at The Hoarstones

Hoarstones - Dec 14 (14) (Medium)
Kal with a hat? Yes, my hat of course. Welcome to Winter at The Hoarstones circle

As I approached the circle I could feel that something interesting was going to happen here. We had neglected this circle on our many previous visits to the area, and we shouldn’t have done so – it felt very strong, even though it was Winter and the male earth energies were dormant. This circle radiated something else – a different form of subtle energy.

I circled the outer stones, and found an appropriate entry point after having stood outside cleansing myself in preparation fro some work. Inside the circle I stood with my staff at one of the stones near to my entry point. Here I was able to commune with my new spirit guide, and to ask her how we might be of service to each other. The information that I got was that she could …

“….teach me the language of the wind”

You may remember that my current quest for the period from Samhain to Winter Solstice is to get some practical experience of energy healing – to learn the theories, to extend my abilities, and to put it into practise as often as I can. Today was a great chance to find out more about subtle energy healing.

I was glad I brought my yew staff. It would be needed here. In communication with my spirit guide I found out that this circle is a healing circle like Moel Ty Uchaf circle near to Llandrillo in North Wales. The stones formed division points defining a segment of subtle energy whose spectrum of frequencies could be used to promote the body’s own healing mechanisms for various bodily functions. This is a theory that I first came across when reading Jack Temple‘s book “The Healer“.

If this was so,” I thought, “then I should be able to cure any of my own ailments! Right here, right now!

I asked my new spirit guide if she could direct me to the correct stone for curing asthma. I had some slight symptoms remaining although this has now been almost completely cured by my work with subtle energies. My guide showed me the correct stone, leading my around until I stopped at the stone. When I checked it with the dowsing rods they verified that this was the stone that would cure asthma!

Hoarstones - Dec 14 (13) (Medium)
The Asthma Healing stone at Hoarstones

After standing at the stone for several minutes I dowsed the result. Apparently it was good! I have not been able to test it properly and will have to wait until the seasons change. As we come into Spring I will know from the pressure change whether the final cure has taken place.

I then wondered if I could do anything with my staff here. After some questions dowsed out I discovered that if I placed my staff in the centre of the circle then I could go around to each stone putting each healing energy frequency into my yew staff. So, I did! Each and every stone. I stood on each one intending that the healing frequency would be directed at my staff, and that it would absorb this frequency and store its pattern for later use.

Hoarstones - Dec 14 (18) (Medium)
A healing staff is born

When I had finished I wanted some independent verification and so I fetch the staff and placed it outside the circle on the floor. I asked Kal to dowse it and tell me if it had a different energy now. Kal didn’t know what had happened to it, but he dowsed the staff and detected a change. When I asked what type of change he got it as healing, and specifically related to healing that used cleansing processes rather than transformations. That was all the confirmation that I needed (and more – thanks Kal!)

Kal was finished here too, and as we left we wondered whether we would get any signs from Nature that our work had been “on the path” – that it was contributing to our spiritual development in the right way. Sure enough, as we made our way across the field back to the car a crow and a hawk flew overhead together! Together! Kal’s totem bird is the crow, and mine if the hawk. What more conformation did we need? None! We were very happy.


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