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Oak Healing and Ley Lines – Solstice 4

January 17, 2015

In the fourth part of my Winter Solstice outing I provide an example of what can happen if you let yourself be intuitively guided when you are out and about. Fixed agendas are all very well, but when following an energetic spiritual path then fixing events can be counter-productive (to say the least).

We were hungry. We had been up since early morning, travelling to Yorkshire, and then moving around the Ripon area for several hours seeking adventure. I wondered whether the National Trust property of Fountains Abbey might have not only a cool holy well to visit, but also a good cafeteria where we could get some warming food. Turns out they have both, but we only got to sample the food. When I thought about the size of the estate and the amount of daylight we had left – it wasn’t feasible to traipse around Fountains Abbey estate in search of its treasures. That will have to wait until the summer.

We were about to leave, heading back to the car park after a hearty lunch, when we saw a wooden sign pointing to something called “St Mary’s Church“. Hmmm… we had visited a Michael church that morning – maybe we should balance it out by visiting a Mary church? Game on! We walked through the puddles and mud to get to the site – a good ten minute walk.

St Marys Church, Fountains Abbey - Solstice 2014 (3)
St Marys Church, Fountains Abbey

The first thing that strikes you about the church is that is near to a sandstone obelisk which is aligned with its front entrance. For energy workers and seekers such as ourselves this was too much to be ignored – was it a ley line alignment that was being signified here? Was the energy of the ley being concentrated and directed through the church?

I took a bearing in order to check the alignment on a map later….

Alignment at St Marys Church - Solstce 2014

Checking The Ley Line

When I got home I checked the alignment of that church with the obelisk. I found a line which runs from Ness Point in Robin Hood’s Bay all the way to the marina in Preston (where there was possibly once a small island in the mouth of the River Ribble). This reinforces with my theory that national ley lines often end at small islands in the mouths of rivers.

The full ley listing on a SW/NE alignment is:-

  • Ness Point, Robin Hood’s Bay
  • Latter Gate Hills
  • Standing stones on Fylingdales Moor
  • Ana Cross tumulus
  • Rievaulx Abbey
  • Roulton Scar White Horse
  • Maidens Bower, Asenby
  • Hutton Henge
  • Ripon Minster
  • Studley Roger
  • Cocked Hat corpse road
  • St Mary’s Church, Fountains Abbey
  • Sawley and Sawley Moor
  • Brimham Rocks
  • Hen Stones stone circle
  • Great Pock rocks
  • Carncliff Top
  • Micklethorn Hill
  • Worshaw Hill
  • Clitheroe Castle
  • Red Scar roman road
  • Lea Marsh, Preston marina
Ley line from Preston to Whitby
Ley line from Preston to Whitby

Mirroring and healing

At the time I knew nothing of my ley suspicions other than that the dowsing rods agreed that there was a set of male and female flowing energies that could constitute a ley line running from the church to the obelisk. That was enough for me – to work!

Kal and I dowsed for the best spots to be and found that we were positioned on either side of the doorway. We laughed, and once we had got to the right vibration (or were cleansed of inappropriate energies) then we moved off in our separate directions. Kal went clockwise around the church and I went counter-clockwise (he went ‘male’ and I went ‘female’).

Kal at St Marys Church, Fountains Abbey - Solstice 2014

I was called to stop at the opposite corner of the church and to gather some energy there. I knew not why or what kind of energy. Later, Kal told nme that this was what he was doing too – guess where? On the opposite corner of the church – an exact mirror image to me! Again!

The Old Oak calls

As I stood on the corner of the church I looked down the way – something was drawing my attention. My eyes settled on an ancient and seemingly splintered oak. Yes, this was what was calling to me, and so I made my way towards it – at the same time as Kal moved off towards it too. Surprise!

St Marys Church, Fountains Abbey - Solstice 2014 (6)
Ancient oak gnarliness, dude!

This sessile oak offered me a dry and warm sheltered nook in its base where I could squeeze myself and get comfortable. I gathered the energy that I had taken from St Mary’s Church and I began to feed it into the splintered and ripped limbs of the oak’s opposite side. When i communicated with the tree it gave me a deep, grateful feeling. I considered it my duty to do this kind of work, and so I merely shrugged and thanked it for allowing me to be part of this lovely experience.

My work was done, and the tree gave thanks. As I stepped out of the tree’s base I began to really feel the damp coldness of this shortest day. I felt an urgency – we had one more place yet to visit: Maiden’s Bower – a so-called “Turf Maze” near the village of Asenby. We walked quickly and excitedly back to the car in anticipation of another exciting event on this solstice day.


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