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Obelisk at Karnak – Egypt 9

January 2, 2015
Two Obelisks at Karnak
Two Obelisks at Karnak

I am not a restful soul I have to say. Barely had I arrived in Luxor than I was off out on an adventure. Walking up to the desk in the hotel, I asked the attendant, which is the nearest place to visit? It was 1pm in the afternoon and I didn’t want to go too far away as I had 4 days to fill. Karnak was the nearest, but not near enough to walk, so I grabbed a taxi and was off.

Rows of Sphinx at Karnak
Rows of Sphinx at Karnak

Karnak is huge and I got my first lesson in ignoring the time frames that taxi drivers have based on other tourists. Te driver said that, since I was on my own, I would be done in 2 hours, which was when he would return. I told him that I would be done, when I am done.

As you walk towards the huge entrance there are a row of sphinxes as I dowsed along the walk way, the rods would swing in towards each statue. Curious, I thought, rather like when you walk the boundary of a stone circle. With a circle the energy has a bit of a spike where each stone is placed and I figured that was what it was here. In any case, I didn’t pay it too much attention as the gorgeous temple awaited.

As with my usual methodology, I asked whether there was anything I can do for the temple and its Genius Loci. The answer was no, then was there anything I could learn at this place? The answer was a yes. I asked to be directed to where this learning could occur and was taken to an Obelisk. Now in the picture you can see the one on the left is fully accessible. I had the rods pointing to the one on the right, behind the roped area. Terrific!

Guerilla dowsing in a foreign country is not as appealing as at home. So I passed on this offer and decided to go exploring elsewhere within the temple. I asked if I could find the Genius Loci and the answer was yes. so I followed the rods in and out of the stones until the led me to an enclosed hidden away space. As they swirled into a spiral I looked around me. To my surprise I was stood right next to the Obelisk that I had wanted to get to. By some magic of navigation the rods had brought me to the place I needed to be.

I sat down in this beautifully cool and enclosed (away from the tourists) place and meditated. I had been to an Obelisk before, in Central Park, Manhattan. Curiously enough, at the time I was investigating that one, Chris was examining the energies of an Obelisk in Paris.

It came to my mind that this Obelisk was energetically connected to the one in Manhattan. I wondered about this since there are many Obelisks floating around Egypt and indeed the world. But an intuitive thought had occurred to me. I had found the Central Park obelisk when I had been looking for the Genius Loci of Central Park. It had been at the site where the Obelisk had been located. The same was true here at Karnak. Was this why the two were connected? Was this the resonance between the two? The answer was yes. I felt that there was more to learn and as I sat there drinking some water another realisation came to me. Had I been able to get access to this obelisk because I had found the other one and the Genius Loci some 3 years ago? Yes.

It seems that I had some resonance within myself that had helped me find the place here. An interesting idea. One definitely to put into the investigate later category.

Since there was nothing for me to do here and nothing more for me to learn. I spent the remainder of my hours taking in the majesty of this place.

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