Yearly Update

2014 a kind of round up

January 23, 2015

I want to start this roundup of the year by looking over the edge so to speak into next year. Let’s start with the Element Quest.

The Element Quest

Earlier this year I was set on a quest that had me collecting Four Elements. At first the quest seemed easy enough until I was told that each element had to be collected from another shore. This led to a trip to Brittany to collect the Earth Element. Then at Beltane we visited Ireland where I was able to collect the element of Water. A couple of weeks ago, I returned from Egypt with the element of Fire. What remains is the element of Water which I have come to understand will be collected in Florence, Italy.

The Wand Quest

Now we’re talking. This quest was given to me years ago in the Wizards Wood quite aptly. But since that time I have put it on the back burner because it seems a monumental task. It’s ingredients two of which I know are to be got from anywhere on the globe. In my trip to Egypt I was able to acquire one of them, Amber. Another ingredient, Sand, needs to be taken from Easter Island. Seriously! All other parts of this quest are hidden from me at the moment.

The Six Offerings Quest

As if it wasn’t enough to have the other quests on my plate. It seems that I have acquired another one on my visit to Egypt. This is about finding and offering six items. Now I know that the first of these is the Dress that I er…bought a couple of months ago. But I have no more knowledge about this quest than that.

Knights Tour

More of a left over from my Knights Quest of many years ago this seems to be a remnant that Ol’ Caileach wants done. So this is something that I want to get completed this coming year. When I say completed I mean it, because it has been started already at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

Okay, so that kind of wraps up the activity oriented things that I am/will be up to. Here are some mysterious odds and ends that need to be puzzled out.

Ice Dragon

At Imbolc this year that wench tricked me into binding myself with an Ice Dragon. I don’t know what that means and how it will play on my life but there you have it. Without either of our intentions an Ice Dragon and I have been bound.

Gold Coin of the Fey

During my visit to Carnac in Brittany I was given a Gold Coin by the Fey (or rather a coin had been imbued by the Fey). Its powers are to give me the ability to see into other people’s hearts. I haven’t seriously used it yet. But am so curious to learn what it is and how it works.

The Queen and the Molten Lava

At the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, she rose out of the ground and filled my Solar chakra with what felt like a Golden liquid. I have no idea what that is about.

Round up

If you have been keeping up with our adventures you will know that each year we round up by saying that this year was the amazing ever. How can it get better than this and then the next year blows it out of the water. I have to reiterate that statement. This year has been amazing! Imbolc and the Ice Dragon, the Carnac engine and all of the Fey encounters, Ireland and the Elements quest, the courage to start the Wand quest and the experiences of Egypt.

I am so grateful for all of the mysteries that are set before me to explore and that enrich my life beyond any imagination could. I am open to the adventures that 2015 will bring.



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