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Runcorn Hill Rainbow Sphere

January 29, 2015

On a cool early January morning Kal and I were on our way back from a networking session in North Wales. In preparation I had suggested that we might go out somewhere. For some reason this year I had dowsed that I was now able to do energy work in The Quiet Time! This was a radical change from previous years. It seems that the change has come about because I have reached a level of energy working and druidry where some work is now possible in this time when no supporting energies are available. I seem to have reached a level where I can utilise the appropriate energies without any detrimental effect on myself. This is great news as it extends the year even more now! It also gives me a bit of feedback that I have reached a certain level of competence. I hesitate to say “mastery” because I still feel like a student, yet this is what was indicated during my questioning.

So it was that we were heading to Alderley Edge, yet as we passed by the junction for Runcorn I felt impelled to mention Runcorn Hill. We both agreed this seemed a nicer and simpler prospect, especially as we were bathed in beautiful clear sunshine whereas the eastern regions looked dull and wet. As we came towards Runcorn from the Daresbury side I wondered whether we could also visit Norton Priory. We did so, but only to find that it was being renovated and nothing would be open until March 2015!

I did spot that they were running a tree pruning course at the end of January which I will be attending (see Norton Priory events). Onwards to the hill!

Runcorn Hill - Jan 15 (5)
Hollow Hills – Kal prepares for action on Runcorn Hill

I remembered the right place to park, and somehow also the right route to walk, and suddenly we were on top of the hill and back where we had been many years ago [see previous post].

As we approached I felt both a pull of attracting energy and a repulsion from something unpleasant. It would seem that we were being called, but were likely to encounter some horrible energy, and so I put up protection quickly as we got closer.

On top of the hill I straight away knew that the area was suffering the same problem as last time we had visited – bad energy radiating from the electricity pylons. This time we felt we could fix it for good, rather than back in 2008 when we fixed it for a week!

We each got to a preparation spot, and cleansed our energies then synchronised them to the vibration of the hill. Separately but in unison we dowsed for the correct place to work, and I was taken to a nearby birch tree, whilst Kal remained in the hollow area below.

Runcorn Hill - Jan 15 (1)
Pylon problems again for the birch trees

Now the fun could begin!

The Rainbow Sphere

I began by stating who I was, and seeing if the place remembered me. It did! I felt like I should work with the ring of birch trees that were all around the hill top. I did a bit of a root connection to the trees, and went around asking for their permission to resolve this issue. However, I impressed upon them that I would not be able to provide them with a permanent fix – the ever-present effect of the pylons was THEIR issue and they would have to co-operate in the resolution, and to take ownership of the problem. They agreed.

I sent two currents of energy around through the trees, using their roots to transmit the energy frequency from tree to tree, getting its buy-in to the process. Then I created a sphere of energy like a huge iridescent dome of rainbow colours, building it up from red at the base (slowly moving) through each of the appropriate colours until I reached the small indigo colour (fast-circling) at the top.

Then I copied the sphere by flipping it on the horizontal axis to create the full sphere – replicating it quickly, rather than building it up again. Efficiency!

Runcorn Hill - Jan 15 (14)
Chris works with the trees to solve an electric issue

I concreated this sphere into place with intention, and then wondered how I could secure it permanently. I looked at the Sun  and realised I should call on that energy to provide a permanent source of energy for the sphere. For some reason I knew that it would only power the light dome above the surface, and that I should call upon the Moon (Full Moon today) to power the underground sphere. I linked in the two sources and set a connection between the sphere and the sun and moon.

Runcorn Hill - Jan 15 (8)
Runcorn Hill views spoiled by electricity pylons

With that done I turned my attention to the electricity pylon. For a reason I didn’t know until I spoke to Kal my intuition said “You don’t need to do anything with that.” and so, although surprised and perplexed I left that part alone. Then Kal told me what he had done and it all made sense!


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