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Winter Solstice 2014 2 of 3 St Michaels Church

January 15, 2015
St Michaels Church near Thornborough
St Michaels Church near Thornborough

In the previous post I mentioned that we had passed this church twice and it had been given some significance in our attention. So we arrived here a few minutes after finishing at Thornborough henge to see what the fuss was about. As we began to dowse we separated and I moved off towards the front of the church. I asked whether there was anything to be done here and the answer was a Yes. Which of course added another spoonful of weight to the notion that places draw us, rather than the other way around.

Seat under the Holly
Seat under the Holly

I asked where I needed to be to start this work and was taken to a Holly tree. I sat beneath the tree and asked of the place, in what way can I be of service? After some moments I got the feeling that the place and the tree seemed disconnected. I asked whether they wanted to be connected to some trees outside of here? The answer was Yes.

Well, I know a couple of trees really well, would either of them do?

  • The Ancient Yew or Old Oak

With out a doubt it was Ancient Yew. So I called over the distances to my guide Ancient Yew and asked whether it would be okay to connect this Holly tree to it. The answer was Yes. So I visually the roots of the tree going deeper into the ground and finding energy pathways that led to the Yew tree in Wales. Once connected I pushed and pulled energy through the connection until it seemed self-sustaining and I thought I was done.

I rose from my seat and asked the rods whether the connection and flow had been made, Yes. However a further few questions revealed that it wouldn’t last long. How could I make it last longer? Eventually the idea of an engine came to me. To create this I walked from tree to tree around the church yard. I don’t know the exact count but it was at least 3 times. I stopped when a feather blew into my path. Picking it up I knew that the job was done.

Seems like a fairly standard piece of work until you read the experiences that Chris had at the church. Synchronicity is an understatement.


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