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Arthurs Table and the Landscape Zodiac

February 1, 2015

I originally named this post “The Second Arthur Site 2015” because it forms a part of what I now realise will be a series of posts that aim to describe a journey throughout the year. This journey will encompass many ancient sites related to King Arthur, and the signature of the site will be that I will be aligned to The Great Bear constellation and the powers of The North (both literally and symbolically).

It was with this Arthurian signature on the year in mind that I chose to go and visit two sites in West Wales that were related to Arthur, if not in name then in association at least. On the off-chance I called Kal to see if he was up and available for an outing, Seems I disturbed some necessary sleep, yet still he wanted to come along. Off we go again!

Ystum Cegid Isaf

Our first site was a superb example of a table-like dolmen structure that the Welsh regions do best. The name, if you put it into Google translate, comes back as “Lower hemlock gesture“. Hilarious, even though it may be too literal a translation, such as these tools often provide. Last year it was henbane, and now this year starts with hemlock! Coincidence, or Providence?

Cerrig Arthur dolmen - Jan 15 (15)
Another welsh dolmen related to Arthur

A small road takes you to a lay-by near to a recycling centre just outside of the village of Garndolbenmaen on the A487 road between Caernarvon and Porthmadog towns. If you park close to the footbridge then you get the chance to cross the Afon Dwyfor river either by the new or old bridges. We opted for the old one, and it was fun on a windy day.

Don't look down - it's a fast flowing river!
Don’t look down – it’s a fast flowing river!

As is usual I have come to expect that if I am “on the path” and my outings are the right thing to be doing then this will be signified by the appearance of a bird of prey (“generically I look for “a hawk”). As I cast my eyes around a hawk swooped across the road, over the bridge and house height past us to disappear over a nearby farmhouse. Well, a sure sign! I smiled and felt confident that the visit was now going to be a magical experience,

The path was wet – in fact at one point is was actually a stream that we needed to wade through. This path is hard work in Winter. It would, however, be a complete delight in Spring or Summer! We paused briefly at a spot where moss covered every tree branch and marvelled at the sight. There was more marvelling to come! As we stood debating the course of the path at a derelict farmhouse we disturbed a large white owl, which re-perched on the farmhouse roof. It was a bit surprising but utterly delightful. Ah, the countryside!

Cerrig Arthur dolmen - Jan 15 (32)
White owl startles lost fools

The special mossy place we had just passed through leading up to the farmhouse we felt was filled with faery forces….

Cerrig Arthur dolmen - Jan 15 (36)
Rocks and trees and covered in green velvet

As we followed the trail towards a nearby hill we encountered another place with a similar feel. Even though it was “uninhabited” at this time of year, there was a very distinct “vibe” to the mound with its crown of trees. It felt very much like Clulow Cross in Derbyshire – alive with a magical force.

Cerrig Arthur dolmen - Jan 15 (27)
A faery mound near to Arthur’s Table in West Wales

The corkscrew branches were a clear indicator that an earth energy force was exerting its influence on the trees, and that they were extending their branches to attempt to get closer to it. We’ve seen this time and time again in energetic places.

A Mental Feast at Arthur’s Table

Sometimes you only realise the easy path once you’ve fought your way to a vantage point. Such was our experience of finding Arthur’s Table. From the low hill on which it stands you can see that there is a clear path through the boggy ground leading to the derelict farmhouse. Still, that’s what stout shoes are for. Over the hill, in a field and seemingly perched inside a wall, we could finally sit at The Table.

Cerrig Arthur dolmen - Jan 15 (5)

After some preparation at an obvious nearby outlier stone I followed the dowsing rods towards the megalithic structure. Kal was already meditating inside, so when I asked for a place to connect with the Spirit of Place I was taken to a seat in the middle of a dry stone wall. Seemingly I could not and should not have disturbed Kal’s space, and so I remained outside. After making a connection and asking about my current quest – to follow the Great Bear – I was taken to the other side of the table’s sizeable capstone, and again I perched outside on a suitable stone.

Would it surprise you to learn that I was sitting facing North? Would it be equally surprising to you that I was facing The Great Bear constellation? I thought not.

Cerrig Arthur dolmen - Jan 15 (25)

As I sat in silent meditation with a background lullaby provided by birds, sheep and wind, I was told by the Spirit of Place (who was brokering my work with my Spirit Self, I feel) that I needed to link the Thor’s Cave site in Derbyshire with this one. I did so in a few minutes work of mentally joining the two via an earth energy bridge that I created.

I was curious about why I had been asked to do that work. What purpose would it serve? Would other people be able to use that connection, I wondered? I was told that the link was created by me and for me alone. The purpose of the energy bridge between these sites was a process of beginning to link various sites that are related to King Arthur. Together, these energy bridges would form a landscape zodiac figure. The constellation that they would form would be The Great Bear, of course!

I was fascinated and excited! A project! One that would involve me spending this year visiting some particular sites, maybe some more new ones! I was keen now to prove this idea by seeing if I could map the constellation’s stars to the locations of sites related to Arthur. Where would the landscape figure be? How far would it extend? Would the stars align to show me this grand project’s next locations?

I’ve now had a got at creating a map of the sites related to Arthur that align with the placement of stars in the oldest known configuration of The Great Bear. When I verify that I’ll share it on this blog.

We had one more site to visit this day. Another Arthur related site in the area. Would that fit my new “map”? Would it be part of this landscape zodiac figure too? Would we freeze to death trying to find it? Stay tuned!


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