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Imbolc 2015 P2 – Death Eating with St Michael

February 11, 2015

After Arthur’s Well (or close to it) we were heading out to Anglesey. I set the satellite navigation in order to get me back to some major roads that I recognised. On the way in that morning I had wanted to visit near to Llandeiniolen but we had searched in vain for it so I had given up in frustration. We had gone to visit Arthur’s Well anyway. Now, on the way back out – where did we arrive? At the damned church of course!! And I use the word ‘damned’ with intent, because no sooner had we stopped to admire the huge ancient yew trees than I got a dread feeling.

St Deiniol Church - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (1)

Yews at St.Michael’s

The old church at Llanddeiniolen seems to have changed its name, perhaps to disguise itself? Perhaps it is seeking to prevent visitors from finding its ancient yew trees? I have a fix on it now, though. The church is moments away from the nearby B4366 on a small back road heading to Waun. It used to be called “St Deiniol’s” but now seems to be calling itself “St.Michael’s”. It would turn out that the new name was highly appropriate to the work I was about to do.

We had been here before and so we knew there were some ancient yew trees, huge and hollowing. I had a feeling that there was some other reason I was being ‘directed’ to visit here, though. Intuition is a wonderful sense, but it doesn’t always deliver the information like a map. Sometimes the information is more like a painting.

St Deiniol Church - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (3)

As Kal wandered off to the back of the church I found myself standing next to one of the trees. Next thing I was splayed along one of its enormous long low branches, and I was feeling myself being cleansed. Ah, a preparation place, I thought. Calling my spirit guide in to help me, I used the dowsing rods to check that I was ready.  As I was, I asked whatever would respond (was it the guide or the tree) to ask why I had been enticed here. I didn’t like the answer.

St Deiniol Church - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (6)

I was to use my “death eating” skill (see previous post). I use the dowsing rods to take me to the place where I suspected there was some death energy remaining. Sure enough, at one of the graves (relatively recent – a 1980s burial) I had to inhale the sticky, sentient, wilful energy of a person – a lady called Nanci. I drew in big breaths, concentrating on inhaling this death energy. As it came into my stomach I felt it’s now familiar heavy darkness. I was becoming more familiar with the feel of dark energy (from ill health and death). My recent healing work with a friend was really helping me learn how to “feel” this particular form of energy.

St Deiniol Church - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (2)

I knew the next part of the process – and that would involve me transporting that energy somewhere else for a proper “grounding” of the energy. Until then this dark grumbling heavy sickness would be with me as we travelled. I made a special intention for the energy to remain within the confines of my physical body and not to be able to affect Kal. As I made this intention I felt like I should call upon the higher energy force that is Archangel Michael. In the past this energy connection has allowed me to protect myself and others from harm. This seemed an appropriate calling as I was in the churchyard dedicated to this energy form.

I had one final question about this energy. What was the purpose of me needing to consume and ground this energy? My spirit guide helped me out here by telling me that I needed to remove a spirit from this plane in order that a new spirit could be born. The feeling that I am given is of “The Essence of Spring” – in other words – it’s all about new births in Spring.

The Other Side of Michael

Hours later we had moved onto Anglesey. One of the first places that I wanted to visit was a place called “Arthur’s Table” (Bwrdd Arthur”) near to the village of Mariandyrys. As we parked up down the lane alongside this flat-topped ridge we noticed that we had passed a church called Llanfihangel Din Sylwy. I knew that ‘Llanfihangel’ was associated with St. Michael and so this church was of interest to me, especially considering what had happened at Llandeiniolen.

St Michaels Church near Bwrdd Arthur - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (1)

The church is quaint. It is set perfectly at the base of Bwrrd Arthur and has a stunning view out into the Irish Sea. The grounds are neatly kept and the feeling is one of peace and contentment in that setting. This would be the place to release the death energy that I had picked up. Perhaps Nanci wanted a sea view? I laughed to myself.

Directed by the dowsing rods I prepared and then wandered around until the rods crossed over one of the graves. The grave had been decorated with small chips of white quartz. As Kal had just finished using some white quartz too I felt this was significant and so I picked some of the chips up to use. At a power centre where Kal had also been working moments earlier I used the energies of that spot surrounded by quartz chips in order to lay this death energy to rest finally, coughing the energy back up and spitting it out, spilling it into the prepared ground.

As Nanci’s spirit got released into the aether I felt an even deeper calmness, a profound peacefulness, draw itself like a veil over the scene. The work was complete, and now I could turn my mind to my real purpose here today – to follow and connect the Arthurian sites that would form part of my landscape zodiac. We exited the churchyard in search of a suitable entrance to Arthur’s Table.


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  1. As I read your post I felt I needed to write….before you use your “death eating” skill…perhaps you might consider calling on AA Michael first as to make sure you are safe from any residual energy this process involves. I am sure your own intuition will guide you as to whether this resonates with you.

    1. Oh my word, yes! I wouldn’t even attempt such an act if I didn’t have the full protection of a guiding force as strong as AAM! You’re absolutely right to point that out, and it’s a reminder to anyone who feels like they might get involved in similar activities. It’s not something done “for fun”!! It had ‘grave’ dangers, quite literally!

      Thanks for allowing me to make that point clear.

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