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Inverted energy on the Eclipse

March 25, 2015

I wasn’t going to let the solar eclipse pass without doing something. As it happened it provided a perfect space for me to finish off my current quest of “Germination”. Yet, possibly because it was an unusual situation the results were unusual too.

I had only one day left to conclude my “germination” quest before the Spring Equinox. On the morning of the eclipse I went to a local churchyard (the closest sacred space) in order to view the special event, but also to try to draw together one red (male) and one white (female) energy stream to unify into one rosy pink fertility energy. The focus of this work would be some soil that I had had energised by working with Debra Delglyn in one of her shamanic workshops (see The Bodyworks).

Solar eclipse - March 20th 2015 (3)
Whole sun, half sun, solar eclipse

It just so happened that I was working in a graveyard. One does what one can where limitations are imposed. After putting up protection against anything “sticky” I used my dowsing rods to quickly able to find the best place for me to be. I had in my hands a red jasper stone and a white moonstone. These would be my entry points for directing the male and female energies to the container of soil that I was carrying.

It was 9:21. The peak of the eclipse was due at 9:30. The light was fading and there was a strange tinge was over everything.

The Male (Red) energy source was a headstone for a man. Seems obvious, but I only checked after the rods had indicated the spot to stop at. The Female source (White) was a headstone denoting the cremated remains of a lady.

Female energy trail circles clockwise during solar eclipse

As I set up the crystals (white moonstone and red jasper) and found the right place to put the soil container, I noticed when dowsing the energy path that the energies seemed to be coiling the wrong way! The male energy circled anti-clockwise while the female energy went clockwise. How odd, I remarked!

Male red trail circles anti-clockwise during solar eclipse

I placed the soil container at a place indicated by the dowsing rods, first feeling like I needed to sprinkle a small amount around the container as though marking its position, or forming the body of the serpent.

The Avebury Serpent

I then stood back to ‘watch’ the energies flowing. I could ‘see’ the energy trails as they moved to fill and unify in the soil. I watched this motion until the peak of the eclipse and then dismantled my setup. The soil was now fertilised, and soon it will be spread over my garden.

As I went to pick up the container I ‘accidentally’ knocked it over and some soil dropped out. I looked on that as a moment of giving – a thanksgiving. Little did I know how much that word would become a theme of the Spring Equinox!

I am left with questions. Was it the cremated remains that changed the energy direction, or the influence of the eclipse? I’ll have some answers soon, I’m sure.



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