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Lady of the Well predicts Laughter

March 1, 2015

Traditionally (for us) Imbolc has been a time that is filled with promising freshness of the year and quite frankly one of the best sacred pilgrimage times. Over the last few years Imbolc has proven a beautiful entrance into the coming year and this year we were not disappointed by the days events.

We began our journey looking for (one of) a church that Chris said was worth visiting. After a few attempts to find it, we decided to leave it and go for our main first objective which was a Sacred Well dedicated to St Helen which was an interesting correlation to a well that we had visited a few years ago (at Imbolc) and I was blessed with the quest of Becoming a Knight.

St Helens Well
St Helens Well

As is my modus operandi, I asked whether there was anything that I could do for this sacred place, No. Is there anything I can learn here? Yes. Great! I found a place to prepare and sat listening to the wind. Moments later I felt that enough preparation had been had and was ready to continue.

Again I followed the rods a short distance and was led to the eaves of a tree, which isn’t really saying a lot since pretty much all of the place was either under or near the eaves of trees, but hey! I settled in against a convenient trunk and open my mind to communing with the Time, Space and Place.

As usual within minutes that feeling of connection arose within me and I left this place for the in-between places. In my mind were three things. The Wand Quest, the Knights tour and the Fourth element, Air. Of all of these I knew a fair bit already and certainly enough to continue. However since the rods indicated that something was in the offing. I searched the place for knowledge, meaning and understanding.

My thoughts went to the Knights tour. My understanding was this was some remnant of the Knights Quest that I had undertaken a few years ago. That assumption was incorrect I was told. The Tour is the conclusion of your cavalier quest. Ah… that makes more sense. So this was some kind of upgrade? My words are a bit clumsy but you get the gist. Yes, came the voice and with it will come more responsibility.

If you’re wondering whose voice it was then you haven’t been visiting here for long. It was of course my mentor (or should I say tormentor) Caileach. At least this Imbolc was not going to be a reflection of last years Dragon and Ice episode.

With this simple addition to my understanding and knowledge the wench vanished, leaving an odd feeling that she would appear again at another place.

I thought that I was done and readied to get up when I felt the presence of another being there. Perhaps it was thinking of the Knights Quest but with a mysterious and gentle note of sound a being rose from the ground. I recognised her as St Sarah (or at least that was what I had called her).

Note: Important or not. The well was dedicated to St Helen, but I saw/communed with St Sarah.

What ho, I said (I know,  not the way to address a Saint really).

She pointed at the ground next to me. I looked down and saw a chrysalis there.

Frozen, ready to be reborn anew, to be awakened, to leave behind, to let go.

All these descriptors flooded my thoughts in those few seconds. I looked up at the Saintly figure before me. She nodded.

“This year will be my year”

I was puzzled by this for a few moments and then my memory returned. Sarah was the Saint of Laughter. Was she saying that this would be the Year of Laughter? What a thing! As usual with these encounters. Beings seem to have the ability to read minds or at least see our thoughts in our faces.

Rose Quartz Heart
Rose Quartz Heart

Recently I had done a Tarot reading and had explained (for that subject) that the Ace card was one of beginnings. My thoughts shifted to that card only to have it replaced in my thoughts with the Page. Which in this instance meant for me that this was not a new beginning but rather a new floor built on the understandings and lessons of the previous one.

Again, I thought that I was done, only for Sarah to give me another direction. As above so below is the directive of magic and she intimated that I needed to do something in accordance with this ancient law. What? Leave something behind.

I had two items of note on my person. A Heart shaped Rose Quartz crystal and the coin that had been blessed by the Fairies of Brittany. With a lot of trepidation I dowsed as to which of these was to be left behind. Frankly, I didn’t want to leave either. The rods pointed at the crystal and so with a good deal of reluctance I left it behind.

Now, the place and I were in agreement. It was done. I looked up and through the trees. Chris was done too. As we prepared to leave two signs caught our joint attention. The sun came out to greet us and a Robin redbreast flew in and spent some time with us. Beautiful!

Kal Malik – informed

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