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New beginnings and New things at Dinas Bran

March 16, 2015
Looking up at Bran
Looking up at Bran

I would go into the synchronicities that occurred to get me to the station on time to meet up with Chris. But those go without saying these days. Suffice to say that even a seasoned veteran like me was taken by surprise.

Up until today the weather had been unsettled. A mix of sun, rain, sleet, wind and snow was not uncommon. However on this day, the sun was beaming with the promise of a beautiful and lasting change.

With blessings in our hearts we set off for an afternoon of pleasure at the Table of Bran. The drive was swift and uncomplicated and soon we arrived at the footsteps of the hill. Stopping at a place further down than our normal want meant a steeper and longer climb. Fortunately, due to the intercession of one Goddess in my life, I had had some measure of preparation (see the resonance of Caileach here).

Of course on this beautiful mid Saturns Day afternoon, there were others on the path too. We said hello’s and greetings as we passed by, but as often is the case, we are about business of our own and have rarely the time to say beyond those words.

Approaching the top, like the good ol’ gunslingers we drew our rods and commanded them to guide us on an energetic path into the Castle and to a place fo preparation. Now, normally this is the point where our paths diverge however in this rare instance, not only did the rods take us in by the same path, but also (and this is really rare) they took us to the same place to prepare too.

We sat and sat basking in the sun and enjoying the brisk and refreshing breeze. Although we had a timetable, we were in no hurry. After all the year has barely begun. Of course one can only sit for so long before the whisper of activity beckons. Thus we wandered off on our own separate paths.

Looking down on Dinas Bran
Looking down on Dinas Bran

The rods took me off up and around the interior of the castle. I followed them with some interest because they were taking me to a place I had been but not worked before. Finally, they slung inwards by the side of a wall. Surely they didn’t want me to climb it? Yes they did. So I clambered up the wall and sat at a high point surveying the flotsam and jetsam of the families that were wandering in and around. I pulled in several deep breaths ummm what a place!

Our previous outing had led us to a sacred well where I was informed that this would be the year of laughter. I had queried this with Chris. Would I be the one who is laughing or would the world be laughing at me. It was a subtle difference and one that would prove the worth of the year I fancy.

Lone Tree
Lone Tree

As I sat and watched the three crows circle around me I let my senses drift into the rock and into the ground. Was there any commune to be had? Would the Genius of this place be forthcoming. A single message rose from the depths…

Be Patient

It is a message that I have been hearing for many moons now. Indeed at almost every sacred place I have been over the last few months, one message has been mingled with others… Be Patient.

I am trying, I said out loud to the world and universe in general. There was no rejoining laughter which told me that Caileach at least was not behind the missive this time. I sat there for a while longer and considered the source of the message. Was it Bran? The Loci of this place? No. Who or What then? Alas no more knowledge was forthcoming atop that high place.

Climbing down, I pondered whether there was anything else to be done here? A thought occurred to me. Was there anything else that I could learn about this notion of patience here? Surprising the rods said yes and proceeded to take me on a round the castle tour and again to a place I had not been (considering the number of times I had been here).

Following the rods on the rather precarious side of the castle, they took me to a lone tree. The path or rather fain animal track that led to the tree was one to be wary of because it had bits that looked solid only to turn into soft moss that nearly tipped me on occasion. Finally, I made it to the lone tree and sat under its eaves.

What had this tree to offer in relation to the message of patience. Look at me! It sang. Look how I await! And that was it. Messages seemed very narrow and to the point today it seemed. And yet, for me they touched emotional points quite tenderly. Wait…Watch…Trust…Faith are all words of the season.

After these moments with the tree I felt I was done and not only that but felt that we were done with Bran for the day too. I picked my way back up to the castle and by good fortune came across Chris who was also done too. We skipped down the hill relating our experiences which were very much aligned in terms of message. I wondered whether that was why we had the same preparation place?

Are we ever satisfied? We always seem to want just one more sign don’t we? Just another placeholder to say we are on the right path. As we approached the final bit of path I looked across at the fields and spotted this beauty within the rocks. New Beginnings it whispered. It had opened itself up to the sun and I felt, just for us. Just one more sign…

just one more sign
just one more sign


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