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New Moon, Wizards and Goddesses

March 8, 2015
The One Ring
The One Ring

Lunacy is a word that I agree with in that a full moon drives it crazy. So a new moon has quite the opposite effect on me. Yesterday was one such evening and I was in a mind to travel to the Wizards wood, namely Alderley Edge.

I arrived whilst it was still light and headed into the forest. Minutes later I was at the huge Beech tree. Sitting within its eaves I opened myself up to commune. Or rather I wondered about the ability to commune with a goddess I’m in good stead with. A thought entered my mind. Could I summon one Caileach? I know, a terrible thought and a very dangerous one.

Asking the dowsing rods got me a very surprising Yes. What? I could summon Caileach? Shock! Could, yes, but should? Probably not. Fortunately that decision was taking out of my hands because apparently I didn’t have the tools to cast the charm.

I leaned back against the trunk of the tree and boom there she was. It’s been an age and an age since we communed, or at least so it seemed to me. However she made it known that such passage of time was irrelevant to her. With that amazing smile.

“You are doing well.” She whispered into my ear.

As readers of this blog will know, I am not a one for the patient waiting. These winter nights are so trying to my sense of movement. She read my thoughts of course.

“Stop pushing the wall”

 These are words that keep haunting me from many arenas. As readers are very aware. I am not a one for slowing down, taking it easy or just general patience. In my universe at least, the purpose of a wall is to be pushed and yet here, again, I am being told – not asked to slow down.

A clear admonishing and with a note of comfort besides.

“It doesn’t matter to the Universe whether you push or not. Your path has been clearly set. You cannot deviate from it, all your pushing does is harm you.”

Now, that is probably one of the longest statements that this Goddess has proclaimed. I sighed. Of all of the tasks I have faced in an energetic, spiritual or worldly sense. This non-pushing is the most difficult.

otherworldly presence emptied from that place and I was left considering. I needed a trick! Something that would interrupt my own pattern of pushing. Some magic of my own. I got up and began the trek back to my car.

An hour later I was back in my rooms and considering the outing. Whilst putting away my sacred accoutrements (crystals, incense, singing bowl etc) I noticed an object that I had picked up some time ago. It was a silver ring with a celtic design. I recall acquiring whilst we were on a sacred pilgrimage in Ireland.

Generally speaking, I am not a one for jewelry however, this was going to serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. It would be a reminder not to push. Let’s see if it works.


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