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Solar Eclipse on the Eve of Spring 2015

March 20, 2015
Eclipse 2015
Eclipse 2015

Just a quickie. I am writing this quite literally whilst the solar eclipse is happening. Of course you’re thinking, “why aren’t you out at some sacred place?” to which my response is…my rooms are a sacred place.

Before the eclipse I had pre-asked the rods whether I could gain full advantage of it whilst at home? Yes, given certain requirements. So I awaited for the eclipse to begin and then asked the rods whether I could capture some of the essence (or energetic flavour) of the eclipse. Yes was the immediate response.

I dowsed around my room for what I needed and the rods took me to my bag (which was mostly empty) I rummaged around in it and found nothing of note. Puzzled I asked the rods a couple of more times and they took me back to the bag. Eventually I had pretty much emptied my bag and yet the rods still pointed at it! What the bejeebers? I grabbed hold of the only thing left in there which was a lighter. This? I asked in consternation. Yes! the rods responded! Ah… Fire!

The only other thing I needed was a crystal. Which happened to be a small piece of fluorite. Placing these on a table that was in the view of the sun I let them soak in the resonant energy as I write this. The placing had some importance in that it had to be Sun – Candle – Crystal alignment.

Capturing the Eclipse Resonance
Capturing the Eclipse Resonance

Of what purpose or use or value this is I have no idea. Just felt compelled to do so.

Kal Malik

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