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The Energy of Prayer 1 of 3

March 30, 2015

I get house dowsing cases from a variety of sources. A friend of a friend is one of the most common. Thus after only a week ago that I was talking with a friend about another house dowsing experience she told me that a friend of hers could do with such a service. A week later I was knocking on the door of my new client. Let’s call her Laila.

Laila and her husband live in a 3-up two-down home with the kitchen combined into the two-down part. After sitting with the client and (incidentally) my friend too. I sat with both of them for a while and explained as much of the process as a layperson would understand.

I talked about energies that may/do exist within a home. Energies such as a Genius Loci, Flows, Springs, Sinks and Pools. I also mentioned positive and negative energies and that these should not be confused with good and bad (for you) energies.

That was about as much as their understanding could carry and to be honest, I was raring to go and explore. Of course there were a few preparation actions that I needed to take. Sorry, but I am not going to divulge them here as I am beginning to learn a little knowledge is a dangerous thing If you do want to learn more about such matters, you’re going to have to drop me a line and maybe I’ll take you on as a journeyman, maybe.

representative house picture
representative house picture

Anyway, preparations done, I sought out the energies of the home. As always I like to begin by the door. For some reason my Feng Shui training kicks in and I look to the energies that flow into a home via the front door. It’s not that I follow their flow into the home. More like a habit than anything else.

So I was at the door and asking whether a Genius Loci existed within this place. Almost always there is such a being or rather one is created when a house becomes a home. Not surprised by the answer at all, the rods took me up the stairs and to the master bedroom. There on the corner of the bed was the Spirit of this Home. As has been mentioned in other places on this blog, the Genius of a place often moves around based on days, seasons and other energetic conditions.

Out of curiosity I asked to trace the movements of the Genius as the day progressed. The rods directed me into the middle (guest) room and then down into the main room and then finally into the kitchen before traversing back to the master bedroom. As a point of reference for later. I noted that the Genius was in the master bedroom twice in 24 hours. These times were Sunrise and Sunset. Having said that it was a couple of hours beyond sunset now and I learned that the time it spent in certain areas also varied. Interesting stuff but I did it more to acquaint myself and be recognised by the Genius rather than its usefulness at this stage.

I then began my exploration in earnest. To begin I asked whether there were any negative (not bad) energy spots in the home. There were 3. I then asked about positive energy spots in the home, there were five. That was a good sign at least. But it is more about strength than numbers. Still five to three was very hopeful. The location of the energy centers where as follows:

  • One in the master bedroom  incidentally, where the Genius currently was – this was the most powerful and was a 7 (on a 1 to 10 scale)
  • There were three in the guest bedroom. In a truly innocuous place on the floor by the side of a bed.
  • There was one in the kitchen

The above list is in order of power too. For the negative energies, the strongest was a 3 out of 10 and was in the small bedroom. The other two negative ones were not of note (energy being insignificant).

So that was the power distribution. I also asked as to whether there was anything else worthy of note and I was taken to a set of cupboards. Being respectful, I didn’t want to go into them so I left them for the moment. That seemed about it for the moment. I wanted to go and discuss my findings with the lady of the house (husband was out), before proceeding.

See you in Part Two

Kal Malik

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