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The Energy of Prayer 2 of 3

March 31, 2015

In my previous post here I gave an outline of the energy that I had found in Laila (and her husbands) home. What was puzzling to me was that in the guest bedroom there was a predominance of positive energies. In fact 3/5ths of the positive energy was in that room. More curious they were in a rather innocuous place on the floor next to the bed.

You know, I don’t think I have ever been on a house dowse where I have not learned something new. Every home has a story to tell and each story varies in its layout, telling and (since that is what I am there for) in its changing or transformation.

Having learned something of the layout I decided to bring this knowledge to the owner and query what it could mean. I want you to notice my modus operandi since it has been created over many sessions of experience and works well. Dowse then Question.

Rather subdued (because I didn’t know what it meant) I sat with Laila (the home owner) and asked her about the guest bedroom? Was there anything special about it? Was that spot on the floor significant? Had anyone of note guested with them?

To my surprise and delight Laila lit up with answers. She told me that that was the room and the very spot where she prayed daily, indeed a few times a day. I must now add that Laila was a muslim and thus prayed the obligatory five-times a day. As she spoke up, animated, pennies dropped by the bucket load for me. Of course! Not such an innocuous place now I thought. Quite the oposite. The energies where there because of the devotion that had been soaked up by that specific place.

That explained why there was a predominance of energy in that room. The other thing that had caught my attention was the set of cupboards. Was there anything in there that was of note. “No” Laila responded. Was it okay for me to route around? Yes.

Prayer beads
Prayer beads

With that little extra insight I went exploring once more. This time I went straight to the cupboards. Was there anything of energetic interest in these? Yes. I used the binary division method to narrow my search to one side of one cupboard. I rummaged around in it, looking for something of note and found it almost immediately. It was some prayer beads. I knew that this is what the rods wanted me to find. Pocketing them for the moment, I was led back into the master bedroom and a portrait of the couple facing the bed. Here again was a connection. I felt it and dowsed it.

After some questioning, I learned that the beads should find a home draped over the edge of the picture. Why, I wondered and went down to question Laila again. She told me that the beads were a gift from her mother and that she used them in conjunction with her daily prayers. Brilliant, I thought. By placing them over the picture, it would bring the prayers and blessings of her mother into play. Or so the rods confirmed!

A picture was beginning to emerge. It seemed that the most powerful energies where in the guest room. These needed to be moved into the master bedroom. But how? The rods told me that I could use crystals and other items to shape a path for the energy to flow into the bedroom. But I was hesitant. It felt to me like if I did that, Laila’s prayers in the other room would just make the energy go right back. The rods confirmed this.

Energy is habitual too. It’s like an elastic. Yes you can move it, but if you don’t anchor it somehow, it will flow right back to where it was originally. Environment shapes energy, energy shapes environment.

What was needed instead was for Laila to pray in the bedroom. Or for the master bedroom to become the Guest bedroom. As I spoke to Laila about how the energies were situated, she laughed. Are you telling us to move into the guest bedroom? She had read my mind. However the alternative appealed more. Move your prayers into the master room. This she said, she would do.

I went back around the house. This time there was work to be done, to shift the energies. Shift them now and the behaviour change will anchor them. Perfect! Honestly, it doesn’t matter how I shifted the energies. Crystals, incense and candles were used. Along with intention. But the placement is almost irrelevant because it is circumstantial. Every home sings a different story.

communing with the Genius Loci in the master bedroom eased the process considerably and within minutes the job was done. In the last post, I will explore some of that negative energy that was in the house and tell about what it was and how it was desolved.

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