Hedge Druidry

The White, The Red and The Rose

March 13, 2015

The sky was blue, the sun was out, and the weather was warm. Was it Spring? Well, it was the beginning of March, but you could be mistaken for thinking it was at least a month later in the year. Like fledglings stretching their furry wings we roused ourselves to make for our favourite perch – Dinas Bran. As always Bran delivered.

The evocative ruins lured us upwards until we stopped to consider our rightful path. Dowsing rods came out and rather unexpectedly we were both led by the same energetic path to reach the same entry point – and it was the normal entrance that 80% of tourists to the site must use to go in. For us that was unusual. I think it’s probably the first time we’ve been in that way, and the first time that we’ve both had the same way in on the same day.

Dinas Bran - March 7th 2015 (27)
The path to Castell Dinas Bran

Others had the same draw as us for the hilltop was thronging with people. Children were sword-fighting, and that reminded me of my Sword and Shield motif, which I then promptly forgot again. There was no time for play – this was a great chance to do some work. I dowsed for the ideal location for me to get information that would progress my spiritual path. Those of you who follow regularly will recognise this request. A good starting point for adventure! I was taken away from the hordes, and round the back to a shady area I have been to many times before. Ah, it was like coming home.

Bran’s First Lesson

I admired the view from this lofty location, then plunged into the shade. Once out of the sunlight the temperature was far less inviting, yet I knew this to be a strong power centre, and so I endured it.

I placed some crystals that I happened to have with me in a diamond shape around me, holding the pillar quartz to being focus to the work. The meditation process began.

Dinas Bran - March 7th 2015 (17)
A misty reflection in the lens of the camera at Dinas Bran on a sunny day

In trance I connected with Bran – the spirit of this place, and mythological energy form from aeons ago. He wanted to show me growth, it seemed. I saw two green shoots adorned with thorns, which grew up around me inter-twining as they grew – a caduceus in thorny green foliage. As they reached my head the buds opened into two rose flowers – one white and the other red.

The white rose flower is connected to The Moon. The red rose is connected to The Sun. Then, in between the two, growing up the centre of my spine, a third green shoot. This third shoot also opens and flowers revealing a pink rose between the other two blooms. I don’t know where that pink rose is connected to yet, what its source is.

Roses – symbols of energetic power


As I came out of trance I felt a compulsion – a very strong urge – to take a photograph of that space. It was in shade, dreary and uninteresting, yet I had to take a picture. I furtled around in my bag to retrieve and prepare the camera and then pointed it into the space and clicked without even checking the result. I knew there was ‘something’ on that picture, but I wanted to wait until I got home to see it properly. Sure enough, when I loaded the picture on my PC there was an inexplicable mist in that space. Sure, you could say “camera glare”. There are spots, I agree. But look at it! Really?

Bran’s Second Lesson

On many occasions that one vision would have been enough, but there was more to come. I felt like I should move around the castle ruins until I was in the right place for another meditation. I was taken down to the steep edge of the hill, and then into a circular space where a turret or lookout post may once have been. It was just the right height to lean on and look out over the amazing views of the rock strata that formed the ridge opposite. Then my attention was grabbed by a lone hawthorn tree pinned to the side of the hill. I felt like I was connecting to it very strongly, so I allowed it to happen. Soon I was melting away into trance, and the surroundings all went out of focus.

My meditation was, quite literally, rudely interrupted! A boy had wandered along the path below the turret. An over-protective father in trainers and cheap sweat-pants walked atop the wall that I was leaning on. As his feet stopped right in front of my face I could smell his trainers. The white glare of the inappropriate footwear broke my trance where the shouting and stomping had not. “Wha…?” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Why had this man stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Like I wasn’t even there! Anger rose.

Dinas Bran - March 7th 2015 (11)

I had seconds to make a decision. Was I going to push the man off the hill and send him hurtling to his death? Should I shout “Oi!” at him in an angry tone? Perhaps I should punch him in the calf? I decided to do nothing at all. I ignored the man completely and turned away to settle at a different part of the wall.

When my anger subsided I reconnected with Bran. In a new vision he showed me that: Anger is red. Passivity is white. If I am prepared to put some love energy into the situation, then what forms if The Pink Rose of Forgiveness.

Nice, but I felt that there was still more to learn yet. On to the next place. Dowsing rods – lead the way!

Bran’s Third Lesson

The third meditation was at power centre in the full glare of the sunshine on the open space of the hilltop. It was indeed a testing space for meditation., There were a lot of visual and audible distractions going on, yet I felt I could zone these out. I had been doing a lot of meditation recently and I think over the years I have come to get quite good at it, especially outdoors. Soon I was integrating the distractions as part of the tapestry of sound that formed the day. I was away!

Dinas Bran - March 7th 2015 (9)

Once more I am shown the growing roses image, but this time I see the white and red roses growing up in their spiralling forms to flower – one connected to The Sun, the other to The Moon. They had grown all the way to their destinations now that I knew this was their source.

When the green third stalk begins to emerge from my centre it heads downwards this time, not upwards. When it reaches the earth’s core it blooms into a pink flower. I see the radiance of the Earth’s core pulsing and feeding waves of energy into the pink flower’s open petals, like some kind of floral solar panel. I realise that I can draw energy from all of these three sources – core, sun and moon.

I follow the pink stalk back up to my body and find that as it reaches me, as it emerges on to the earth place, then it splits into the white and red forms, as though diffracting from a unified light into its component parts. The pink, unified, energy gets diffracted into red and white streams as it reaches the earth plane. Bran tells me that I can control this split through my intention.

Dinas Bran - March 7th 2015 (3)

As I come out of trance I begin to put some of these revelations together. I have been informed that through intention I can control the process of either unifying or splitting energy between its unified and diffracted forms. The pink can become the white and red, or the white and red and become the pink form.

My quest for this part of the year is “germination“. I realise that germination is about finding some red and white energy sources to energise the soil, and possibly to actively unify them through intention in order to promote a successful germination of seeds with a pink unified energy form. Of course, “soil” is also the symbolic “bed” in which my own “seed” of knowledge can grow – it is symbolic of the learning process, and my spiritual growth.

This is all sounding a bit Rosicrucian and alchemical!


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