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What is in a name?

March 23, 2015

crystalI bet that if you searched our site you would another post or two with the same title as above. It certainly has a sense of Deja Vu for me. Given the spiral nature of life as described endlessly herein, it makes sense for us to pivot around certain themes.

I was out for a walk in nature the other evening and contemplating the non-rational directions that my life has been taking. Those in and off themselves would fill a book or two. However, they don’t seem that pertinent to this post so I will leave them at the edge of discussion.

As readers will know (I hope) that over the years I have been given (or offered) a variety of names and indeed identifiers. The one that I recall the most was the magician who creates his own world. Which was given to me many summers ago in the wilds of the Wizards Wood no less, in Alderley Edge.

Since that time I have picked up the odd other name and even recalled one from my deep past. So it was that as I wandered in nature I pondered these names. What happened to the names that I left by the way-side? For example Spirit Walker?

As is always the case, I had my dowsing rods to hand and I asked whether there was some pertinence to my musing or was it an idle amusement? The rods declared that there was something in what I was thinking and should pursue it. Further more, they pointed me towards a tree that would be most apt (from an energetic perspective) to be of aid.

I meandered over to the Roots of this tree and sat beneath it. Huddled in from the cold. It took a lot longer than normal to connect with the source of intuition (which now that I think about it makes sense since I was not at any specific sacred place). Anyway, connect I did and a trickle of understandings emerged.

What is a name? An identity? A descriptor? Is it something that we grow out of or evolve away from? Is it layered so that one sits atop another? Is it temporal in that today I am one thing and tomorrow another?

These were the kinds of questions that floated around my consciousness. As time passed, answers came…

Sacred names that you have been given are always current. They don’t reside in the past or the future. They are always current. So you are the magician, the edge wizard, the spirit walker, the knight… As events, skills, attributes are needed, pluck them from the names that you have been give. Today you are a Knight, tomorrow a walker among spirits.

I kind of saw how they melded together and formed a whole picture of me! It was a different view of things than I had thought. For instance, I had given up the opportunity to become Spirit Walker and yet it seemed that moniker lingered. So it was with others. An interesting name that arose at one point was Wand Maker – now come on! Seriously! I was on that quest to be sure, but in no way would I consider it to be my name…yet. But it seems that time has some weird associations when it comes to names.

What was my intuition telling me? That names that I may gain in the future were also my name in the present? And also by further deduction, in the past. In fact, taking that logic (if logic it was) to the extreme. It may mean that they were, are and always will be my names. What lunacy is this!

It got extremely cold and yet I was loath to move as knowledge and understandings were imparted. All of the names I had collected in my travels were names that were currently accessible to me. All the names I would gain in the future were too (of course I don’t know what those names will be) but still.

What, then indeed, is in a name? It seems everything is. Spirit Walker, Magician, Edge Wizard,  Wand Maker, Knight, Chevalier and more were at my beck and call. What an astounding revelation.

Kal Malik – Master of Eternity


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