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Spring 2015-P2 – Blood from a stone

April 11, 2015

In the second of my Spring Equinox 2015 posts I recount a short tale about memory and stone.

We had travelled northwards after scooting around the area of Rutland – an unusual area that very few people would be able to point to on a map of the country. Our searches for some sacred springs and well needed more time than we were prepared to give it. Therefore we settled on finding the Grimston Monolith at the small village of Grimston.

You know what? Turns out we got the wrong stone! I thought it stood inside the churchyard, so when we found a stone in there we latched on to that. No wonder it didn’t have any energy! What it DID have was a story, however.

4 - Grimston Monolith (1)
Grimston Church near Melton Mowbray

I was surprised to find that the stone had no subtle energies. I believed it to have been excavated and the re-sited. Now I know it wasn’t even the right stone. Nevertheless, the rods indicated that there was something I could work with. Knowing that they wouldn’t tell me more I tried my hand at psychometry – the art of obtaining information from ‘inanimate’ objects.

I felt “death energy”. Why, I wondered? I asked for a direction, and in response my mind was filled with a wandering path that went off to the back end of the church. I could see the energy trail stop at a specific gravestone, even though it was currently out of sight of the stone where I was standing.

4 - Grimston Monolith (2)
The stone mistakenly believed to have been the Grimston Monolith

Using the dowsing rods I tracked the energy trail that had appeared in my mind. I was taken to one of the older gravestones at the rear of the churchyard. The stone indicated that a lady had been buried there. I felt that she carried a burden of guilt, and the image in my mind was that she had pushed over the Grimston Monolith in a fit of religious rage!

4 - Grimston Monolith (4)
Stained glass depicting saints Columba, John and Margaret

It seemed such a simple act of ‘healing’ but I opened up my heart chakra for a moment, and let out a feeling of forgiveness. Not that I felt I was the one who she would seek forgiveness from, but I just transmitted that emotion. At that second a bee flew in front of my face and zig-zagged over the grave, then was lost camouflaged in the distant foliage.

A simple act of healing for a feeling harboured over hundreds of years. Seemingly unremarkable, but it felt good to be involved.


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