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A higher self comes knocking…

June 21, 2015

This life (as opposed to any other life) is stranger than strange and this comes from a guy who has seen and experience much weirdness. The other day I was sat with a dear lady when a voice from the ether enters my mind.

“You can share your aura”

What? Who? Where? Were the questions that entered my mind. Now you have to have realised by now that I can recognise an external voice when it enters my mind. Particularly when said voice says something mysteriously odd.

My dear friend and I were watching some film or other when this voice had interrupted me so it wasn’t like I was thinking about auras and sharing. However before I could formulate a question, the voice came again…

“You can share your aura”

Another thing that I have to point out here is that I am not a one for hearing voices. I mean, yes, I go out into the world and commune with various beings, however, rarely has my normal state of mind been interrupted thus.

Addressing the owner of this voice I asked “who or what are you?” and to my surprise I got an answer.

“I am” – insert friends name – ” Higher Self”

Really, I considered and more questions erupted into my mind…How can I know this? Why are you talking to me? Why do you want to share auras? Do you have the permission of your – er what term to use? Organic Self  to request this sharing of auras? Is it detrimental to me? Is it beneficial to me? Oh and of course the Elephant in the Room. What is a Higher Self?

How can something tell me it’s a Higher Self of another being (person) if I don’t really have a definition of a Higher Self? I kind of understand Organic Selves, Energetic Selves and potentially even a Spiritual Self (Although my jury is still out on that one) But what was a Higher Self?

“Er excuse me, I just want to get my dowsing rods out and confirm the veracity of a disembodied voice that claims to be your higher self” Is not a question for asking in the midst of a movie. Sadly…

I kind of put a questioning thought out there in the hopes that one of the many questions I had asked had registered and would potentially get an answer. Alas not, apparently my (or its) connection had been lost.

Jump ahead a few days and I am sat in my rooms one evening alone, minding my own business when this voice interrupts my thoughts again…

“You can share your aura”

For a moment, I thought I had heard it differently. Was it saying that I had the ability to share my aura? Or was it saying that I could share my aura with my friend (who wasn’t actually present)


Was the answer. At least this time the voice was elaborating somewhat. Being in my own rooms I had the freedom to dowse to my heart’s content and so I grabbed the rods and went on a quest for understanding (or at least knowledge).

Could I trust the voice? Yes – in this matter. Was it harmful to me to share my aura, at this time and with this person? No – it was beneficial. Was it harmful for her? No – it was highly beneficial.

For those of you who know, interfering with other people’s energies, even when you think it is a good thing is a no-no without permission. So when this thought came into my mind, I got a quick answer from the higher self

“I give you permission”

But why? It was a nagging feeling? Why should I share my aura? Why are you asking?

“It is the most efficient way to balance our energy”

I got the distinct impression that it was talking holistically when it said “our” meaning my friends whole being. I presume then that her energy is out of wack? I asked to which I got an answer – which alas – I am not going to reveal her.

I was both curious and intrigued by what this would involve and tentatively I agreed to share my aura whatever that was. Being an energy practitioner who has learned a thing or two, as part of preparing I grounded myself (in fact I used the Earth Element skill I had learned to Anchor myself) I also pulled a few layers of protection around me and asked out into the ether “What next”

“You can’t share your aura with so much protection and with such powerful earthing”

Really? I wasn’t too sure about that, but I acquiesced and dialed both of them down several notches. But it wasn’t enough so I dialed the Earthing down to almost nothing and got rid of the protective wrapper around myself. This apparently was acceptable.

I was then instructed on how to share auras which I am going to leave out of here I’m afraid to say, because this post is more about the curious communication between me and another persons Higher Self. I have to say that, sharing auras is an interesting experience and one that quite took my fancy.

It was a few days later when I got another such request and again, I checked out the “better for you, me, ecology” thing before sharing. Another few days passed and I was curious as to whether this aura sharing request could be reciprocal. Could I ask to aura share? To my surprise the voice replied, Yes.

A few more days passed and one more interesting aspect to this came about. I was sitting around one evening when my thoughts turned to the matter of Higher Selves and Aura Sharing. So, threw out a question to the ether…”Can I share my aura?” To which the answer came back, “No” Apparently it wasn’t a suitable time. How curious…

Of course one of the questions I still have is, What is a Higher Self. Oddly the dowsing rods refused to let me explore this question in my rooms. Perhaps a sacred place is needed?

Kal Malik – Conversations with a Higher Self



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