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Bodfari – Healing our past

June 13, 2015
Bodfari a Mistake
Bodfari a Mistake

I landed in Liverpool after an exciting time in Italy where I had quested for the final element, the element of Air. With that beautiful success in my heart I was eager to continue. Chris picked me up at the airport and we were off to the wilds of Wales.

Backstory… Many years ago when we had just started out on this remarkable journey we found a pair of boots that were many sizes too big for our feet. We were learning knowledge faster than we were gaining wisdom and so inevitably we made mistakes. One of these was on a high hill in the midst of Wales near a town called Bodfari. One late evening we had ventured to the top of this hill with the idea of creating our own sacred site. Were we novices at the task. No. We were not even on the threshold of understanding, however our ego and learned knowledge were demanding representation in the world and so we carried up rocks and stones to create a sacred circle. That project is told of elsewhere and it was recognised as a failure right from the get-go.

Still, from that time to this, we have often recalled that failure and admonished ourselves that we should go and correct it at some time. Indeed, we have even remarked on the occasion of passing the (Bodfari) hill that we should make it right again. Today, that dawn or indeed afternoon had arrived. We set off with purpose in our hearts and a design in mind.

Gathering the Requirements
Gathering the Requirements

Our first stop was to collect some stones. Dowsing informed us that it was Chris that needed to acquire some rocks and the place that they needed to come from was the coast of Wales. So our journey took us to the coast and there he collected stones. Although the rods had not said that I needed some stones. I was loath to be left out and so collected a set of four (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) stones myself and a sea shell too.

Having done this it was necessary for us to cleanse the stones. The place we had chosen for this was Holy Well at Holywell. As we walked up to the church however, I felt that we didn’t actually have to go into the church and its waters. In fact we could easily gain access to the cleansing properties from just outside and above the church. So we did just that. Settling on the wall overlooking (or indeed on top of) the well below.

Cleansing the Objects
Cleansing the Objects

As the rods prescribed, we placed the stones and shells we had gathered about the place and began tuning in the cleansing energies of this Holy place. It took the time it takes for an incense stick to burn down before we were sure that our objects of power were indeed imbued with power.

Ready and able we set of for the Hill of Bodfari. It was indeed a long time coming. As we climbed the hill, we recalled our one and only visit to this place. It seemed like a few lifetimes ago and I suppose experientially it was. How far we have come and yet, how far can we still go. Both answers reflect infinitudes. The climbs was arduous but I felt not as much as a few years ago. Odd, since obviously we have aged since that time.

Arriving at the top, our rods separated us and I sat on the edge of the hillock surveying the vista before me and eating somewhat of our supplies. Then, I felt it was time to work and synchronistically, I noted that Chris had also got up from his moments of rest. The rods were the deciding factor on where items of power to be placed and eventually they settled on a circle(ish) shape about 10 feet in diameter. The shell was to go almost in the center. After placing the stones I had to light an incense stick for each item, five in total. A few minutes later all was prepped. All that remained was to have a chat with the Genius Loci and get this mistake fixed.

One might expect the Genius to be upset with our earlier meddling however when I connected with this August being I realised that the past few years were nothing to the scales of time that it weighed itself against. It was however glad (the impression I got) that we had returned to make amends. With a great whoosh of energy – quite literally – it brought its wing over the stones I had laid and impressed them into the earth. That was it, as simple as that, why had we waited so long?

I basked in the late hour of the day, utterly content with a feeling of a job well done. I looked over and Chris and saw that he too was sharing in the moments emotions. It was hard to leave the place, so good were the emotions that were in play. But as always tempus begins to fugit us and we merrily climbed down knowing that our mistake had been rectified.

Kal Malik


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