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Creating a Healer at Avebury

June 4, 2015

After Belas Knap in Gloucestershire where would a journeying Hedge Druid and Edge Wizard go next? Why, to Avebury, of course. Er….right. Because it’s an hour and half in the wrong direction! Nevertheless, somehow Kal persuaded me that there was time and a good enough reason. I don’t know what it was, but it seemed good at the time.

Actually, what started as a good excuse to go to the Avebury village bookshop turned out to be a very revealing and educational affair. I learned a lot about the notion and initiation of becoming a healer, and now I know exactly what I will be trying to do on my next visit. Let me explain how Avebury stone circle can be used to initiate an energetic healer!

Avebury - May 15 (3)

98, 36, and 12

I dowsed my way around the circle beginning at the bookshop. Having a bag of books in one hand I was reliant on one-handed dowsing, which required a little “re-programming” to understand the responses. My starting directive was “Take me to somewhere where I can learn something that will help me develop.” You never know what you’ll get with such an open question! I suppose I could have asked “What is the sound of one hand dowsing?

Source: Hyperstition web site

There may originally have been 98 stones in the outer ring around the smaller inner circles. Many missing stones have now been marked with concrete posts, but some go unmarked. Using the rods I moved around the outer circle, from stone to stone, often missing stones out or by-passing places where stones may have been. Where the rods indicated I should stop, I did so, and meditated on that spot. What I found was that I began to get visions, or rather one vision which became ever-more complex and overlaid with more information as I moved from stone to stone.

What was revealed to me was a geometrical construction of energy which described a method of initiating a person to become a subtle energy healer.

By the end it became apparent that there were originally 36 active stones which formed this particular geometric energy formation. By visiting all 36 of the original stones and getting another piece of information from each stone, I was able to see what the formation was intended to do –to invest a person standing in the centre with the abilities of an energy healer.

There used to be 36 active healing stones in the outer circle. Today there are 12 which are currently active. Not all of the stones in the outer circle were used for this purpose – only a select 36 (originally). Now it is 12.

The number twelve became truly significant as I walked from the stone where I had just found that information out to the next stone. As I stood at the next stone I saw a lamb just in front of me – feet away. On its back was the number 112, but written as “1 12”, as though to emphasize that ‘1’ and ’12’ were significant.

Avebury - May 15 (12)
The Lamb of one and twelve at Avebury

How The Process Works

What I accumulated as I moved from vision to vision was an understanding of how the process would have worked. The process goes something like this:-

  • The healer stands in the centre of the outer circle (somewhere in the village)
  • A healing angel stands at each of the 12 active stones (used to be 36)
  • Healing rays are directed at the initiate from the angelic figures
  • The Healer receives them, then reflects them back until the energetic equation becomes balanced

Avebury - May 15 (8)

That was the start of the process. Once the energies were flowing things began to take on a much more complicated geometrical structure, and the scope of the energy grew outwards:-

  • The energy rays form like spokes of a wheel between angel and Healer.
  • The ‘Wheel’ gets a rim linking each of the stones inside circle and along the perimeter
  • The Wheel becomes a Sphere by intersecting both vertical and horizontal planes
  • Within The Healer a tetrahedron forms at the centre
  • Using his own energy The Healer sends this white energy form back out to encompass firstly the angels, then the Avebury globe, then the Earth, then projected into outer space
Star Tetrahedron w/ Octahedron
Star Tetrahedron w/ Octahedron

* Outer space reflects the energy form back to The Healer, changing the vibration from the Healer’s white energy into a new healing pink energy.

Avebury - May 15 (18)

That, my friends, is the lesson I was given about how one becomes initiated as an energy healer using the powers of the Avebury circle’s active stones. It’s now for me to try that out on my next visit, but before I do that I need to get some questions answered, such as:

  1. How does the healer get picked?
  2. Where do the ‘angels’ come from?
  3. What other conditions need to be in place for this to happen?
  4. How can outer space reflect the healing energy back? What is reflecting it, or does it just fall back into the magnetic pull of the Earth as it loses momentum?


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