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Energy in the Tombs – Egypt 12

June 9, 2015

In true Indian Jones style here is a lost post from my visit to Egypt at the end of 2014. As you can see it is enumerated as 12 thus you can go to this link to see all of my other escapades from that adventure.

The Valley of the Kings has an awesome title but as far as the external view goes…it’s a valley. Behind the walls of the valley however are numerous tombs to the afore-mentioned kings. Having visited the place, for me at least, it was nothing to write home about. The tombs are pretty much the same (of course I have a rather coarse view, I’m sure an Egyptologist would shoot me down).

Valley of the Kings
Valley of the Kings

The authorities have wonderful rules over there, like no photographs, no note taking, no phones even. And since yours truly visited, no dowsing (see above link). Fortunately however I was able to get some dowsing done before the “no dowsing” rule applied. Surreptitiously of course!

What did I learn from the five tombs that I dowsed?

A) The energy in them is very stale. Not asleep, but like the tombs themselves, worn away, maybe even stolen away. Certainly not as powerful as one would expect from a place with such a fabled name. Some of this decay has been caused by the tombs being turned into tourist attractions. Surely the Pharaohs of old would turn in their…er…tomb if they knew what had happened to their after-life sanctuaries?

B) I also learned that the place (the valley) had a kind of rock and stone that was conducive to energetic stickiness. As you know, my theory (well maybe not mine) is that certain areas/geology have a kind of stickiness to energy. This was (in my opinion) why the valley was chosen for the tombs.

C) Within the tombs themselves the energy (as I mentioned) was very stale. There were flows of energy within them, but they were hard to follow and I also found it hard to connect with my intuition to see or determine what the flows of energy meant.

D) One particular tomb, where I had some freedom to explore had energy that flowed into and out of the sarcophagus. Interestingly it changed form. It flowed into it in a nice female wave and flowed out as a strong straight male energy. The rods told me that this was an important piece of knowledge but alas I could not determine why it was.

E) An interesting aspect of all the tombs I visited was that there was nothing to do in them. Well, for me at least, there was nothing beneficial to be gained. And there was nothing I could do to enhance the energies of the place, unlike Djosir pyramid (see above link). This was probably the most disappointing aspect of the tombs for me. Surely there was some magic to be had? Perhaps for others, but for me, they were of no value in that aspect.

I know, not so much Indian Jones, but, er…

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