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Power Object…Dream Catcher

June 30, 2015

I was at the rather fabulous Om Yoga event the other week ostensibly as a Hug Ambassador but also to take in the energy and atmosphere of the place. It was definitely something you want to go to should the event be happening near you. Whilst I was there I wondered whether there was anything worthy of my particular attention. Finding a quiet spot was difficult but I managed it and there I tuned out the mundane and tuned in the sacred.

I wandered aimlessly or indeed aim-fully through the many stands until I came to one that was selling esotoria. Crystals, incense, books and other new (and old) age paraphernalia. I scanned the items for sale and my eye was caught by a Dream Catcher. Now, I have bought these items for friends on many occasions but have never considered one for myself. The reason behind this was simple enough, I don’t suffer from bad dreams. And since these objects were used to stop nightmares and bad dreams, why would I want one?

The Dream Catcher
The Dream Catcher

Still, for some intuitive reason, a dream catcher was singing to me, so I bought it. Of course, my mind being what it is, I left it in the boot of the car. My thought was that should a birthday of a friend arrive, this would make a good present. Or indeed, why wait until birthdays, it would make a great present for any occasion. So in my boot it remained.

It wasn’t until my car was declared a right off that I emptied the boot and with the contents came the Dream Catcher. Bringing it into my rooms, without thought, I hung it in a convenient place.

I have to confess, my rooms are an amazing place. Energetically they are worked on on a daily basis. Whether it is checking the energies and moving things around (stones mainly of course) or whether it is a healing ceremony or whether it is a vision quest. All kinds of magic is happening here. So it wasn’t even a day that passed when the dowsing rods pointed at the Dream Catcher.

Quite pointedly (pun intended) they admonished me for randomly placing the Dream Catcher and wanted a more intuitive and intended positioning. This confused me a little because I had only placed them where they were until I could find a suitable friend to gift it to. However, here were the rods saying that I should use it.

For what purpose, I pondered. Was it to protect my dreams? The rods said Yes. But hang on, I don’t have bad dreams. I asked whether it was to catch bad dreams? The rods answered with a distinct No. As I asked the rods where the Dream Catcher ought to go, I ponder why it had to. Nothing was forthcoming initially and so I let it go. Perhaps a good sleep would reveal some insight.

That night I fell asleep with the Dream Catcher hanging over my head. Perhaps it was psychological or not, but I dreamed about dreams. Like many people, I have dreams, goals, ambitions. Some get left by the wayside and others forgotten. This night and indeed subsequent nights, I have been gathering old dreams and breathing life into some. Letting others go.

So that is what dreams were being caught! Aha!


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