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Solving car trouble the energetic way

June 22, 2015
The New Car
The New Car

For the last five years I’ve driven a silver Honda Accord. I loved that car. It has taken me all over the country and never failed in its job of providing comfort, security, safety and transport. Alas a couple of weeks ago someone slammed into the door and caused enough damage for it to written off by the insurers.


I had just driven home from spending the night at a friends. we had talked late into the night and I was, as they say, dog tired. As I got to my rooms my thoughts were on a long resting sleep (it was Saturday) However a friends text caught my attention and I replied that I would meet him in 30 minutes for a catch-up and coffee. “Why did I do that?” I asked myself as I got changed and attempted to freshen up. I picked up my phone to cancel the meet but then put it down again. 

As I rushed around I knocked over a lamp and then fell over a chair. It was not going well at all. Then I left my keys in the room as I got to the car. Another missed sign. I drove towards town and my thought was to park in my favourite car park, but then I thought that it would be more convenient to park in another one. For some moments the two vied with each other and rationality won and I chose the latter over my favourite. 

The latter was a superstore car park and at this time in the morning it was fairly empty. I parked up in a bay surrounded by empty bays and opened my door to get out…then…crash.

For a guy who talks about signs a lot I sure know how to miss them spectacularly.

So, I was on the look out for a car. As with many things these days, I wondered whether I could dowse for an appropriate car? The answer was Yes and not only Yes, but that I should dowse for one.

The only restrictions I had were budget and location so I went to the auto-trader website and entered the economic restrictions into it as well as a 50 mile radius. The result was a select of 1247 cars. I picked up the rods and began questioning…

  • Was the car I needed in the selection? Yes
  • Was it in the range 1 to 650? Yes
  • Was it in the range 1 to 300? Yes

And so on until I had an exact number, which happened to be 223. I counted through the selection on the website until I got to the appointed car. To my surprise it was virtually Identical to the one I had. The same make, model even year. To the point where half the licence plate numbers where the same. Oh my god!

The next day I drove the 40 miles to check it out and it was in great working order so I bought it and have been driving it for a couple of hundred miles so far with no issues! Brilliant!


The salvage yard phoned me up and asked whether I wanted to collect anything from my old car before it was scrapped. I had already emptied it of material things but as I spoke with him a thought occurred to me and I said Yes I did. I drove to the scrap yard and went in to see my baby one last time. My thought had been to transfer the spirit of my old car into my new one. 

The salvage place was empty so I was able to work in peace. Could I transfer the Genius from my old car into my new one? Yes. Was it a good thing to do? No. I was surprised by this answer as I was expecting a Yes. I sat on the bonnet of my old car and considered, why? Then it came to me. Was there already a Genius in my new car? Yes. Ah…perhaps that Genius was what the car should have. I changed tack. Should I release the Genius within my old car? Yes. Was this a good thing to do? Yes.

I suppose it was fortunate that no one was around as I had to light four incense sticks and place them at each corner of the car. Then I had to go into the car and sit in the drivers seat and do the work of untangling the Genius from the car and releasing it into the aether. That done. The car was just a shell, a hunk, dead. I didn’t even look back when I left. It’s spirit wasn’t there.


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