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A Magician an Artifact and a Shade p4 Solstice 2015

July 25, 2015
Knowth University
Knowth University

Repeat Experience Please

If it worked once, why not again? The last time I was at Knowth I had been taught how to use a pentagram of quartz crystals to open my third eye (exponentially). That had led to an amazing vision at Dowth and ultimate a journey to visit the Oracle of Delphi in Greece. Who was I to not attempt a similar experience?

Here we were at Knowth and having persuaded the tour guide that we didn’t need the tour, both Chris and I were off doing our own thing…I found myself wandering through the mounds whilst my rods attempted to settle on a place of preparation. Perhaps it is because the whole of Knowth is a place of initiation? Nevertheless a short time of wandering later had me facing a grate to the innards of a mound. The gate had a gap wide enough for me to enter and with a squeeze, I did so.

An interesting note…none of the other mounds had a space wide enough for me to fit…a coincidence

There was more than enough light coming in from the grate and so I sat down in the coolness of the mound and prepared. One day we will have to do a serious investigation into caves, mounds and chambers and there properties. At the moment, my understanding is that they shape auras however what shaping ones aura does is, well, under investigation. Thus, in mystery, I prepared.

After a sufficient time had passed I felt ready and clambered back out into the sunlight. It had turned into a beautifully sunny day after our escapades at Loughcrew that morning. As my mind was on thoughts of opening my third-eye my dowsing rods where in agreement. They took me to a pile of crystals. I asked whether it mattered which ones and the rods said No. So I selected five of them and followed the rods off into a nearby field where I laid them in a pentagram shape and sat in the midst awaiting the opening of the third eye.

Crystals Galore
Crystals Galore

The Eye Opens

Minutes later, as before. I saw rays of the sun hit the crystals. Then they struck my third eye and with a hot and intense flash, it opened. Can you envision it? It was like a tension that you don’t know you had, until it is released was let go. The relief was over taken by the colours and impressions that I got. It’s odd that only a few seconds after it is open, you want to close it, or at least regulate the flow. The last time, I hadn’t been so aware of the opening of the eye until I had reached Dowth. On this occasion I was fully aware of what had just occurred. For a few moments I attempted to push the door slightly closed. Just so I could let my consciousness in too.

Many visions passed my mind and that is the problem with unregulated flow of brow chakra energy isn’t it? What’s the point of seeing visions if you can’t make use of them? Fortunately I was able to stabilise one of them…

A Magician an Artifact and a Shade

I suppose in the back of my mind I have been wondering about a recent finding that I had a dark magician in my heritage (or ancestry). A bit of which I have told about in other posts. However, here at Knowth a quest of sorts became clearer. That magician had left behind an artifact of some kind. It was up to me to retrieve it. In the vision, I saw the (a) shade of the magician and me attempting to get the location of the artifact from it. Then, the vision shifted into a technicolour blur and I lost the thread.

I was still reeling from the opening as I walked about Knowth trying to calm my energies and mind down. It took a while but the energies subsided enough that I could seek out Chris and suggest a move to Dowth.

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