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Aura sharing and a dream

July 12, 2015
Aura Sharing with a Yew
Aura Sharing with a Yew

I wasn’t finished for this trip to the Ancient Yew. I had come with a question and had been given the guidance to be patient. Lovely! That is the order of the year isn’t it? After that, I hesitate to call it revelation, I was directed at flowering bush some feet away from the Yew. I went to it and listened to its wisdom It gave me the understanding that I should lie down some feet away on the grass. I did so, on my back and looked up at the sky. As I did I noticed that I was at the edge of the canopy of the Yew.

Side note: Many years ago, Chris and I had played with auras and found that a tree had an aura often the size of its canopy and sometimes to the extremity of the roots below the ground. I felt that I was at the edge of the Yews aura when an instruction entered my thoughts…You can share your aura

Now, as you may know, I have been getting this instruction on several occasions and from several different sources. So here was another one…share your aura… I have still to figure out what it means. However, I wasn’t about to give up the chance to consciously share my aura with a wise old bird like Ancient Yew. So, as before, I let my aura become semi opaque and opened it up to merging.

Sharing Auras
Sharing Auras

I have to say it was an extremely different experience than any other time I have done this. Those times it was like me and the other had turned into porous rocks and the gaps of the other filled the rocky bit of me and vice versa. This time however it was completely a different feel and visual to it. Like the yin/yang starlit image above. That was almost exactly how I saw it AND felt it. It was beautifully amazing. We moved closer and overlapped like a Venn diagram. The feeling was profoundly cleansing for me and for some time I wondered how the Yew had felt and seen it.

This it seems was the final experience of this visit to the ancient yew. With many thoughts of gratitude we left this sacred place and returned to our respective homes.

I slept fitfully, as I almost always do unless a late caffeine hit has affected me. However in the middle of the night I awoke with a start. Some noise had startled me was my first guess and not an unreasonable one since I have several neighbours. However after that silent attentive moment I realised that that wasn’t the case. My thoughts flickered to my own state,which is when the vestiges of a dream I had had returned.

The dream was a repeat of the aura sharing that had occurred at the Yew. However this time, more detail was present as well as memorable. The stars within the my aura weren’t particles of energy as I presumed, they were chakras. Thousands of them! Each one had multiple functions and each was playing a music that represented its energetic state. Pre the merge my entire song was way off-key. However after the merge it had taken on a more harmonic resonance. Dare I say, a more healed and balanced resonance.

What had awoken me wasn’t this but a vision that the song of my life’s path and the one that I had been given by the Yew were in dissonance. The question to me was, which was the one that I should choose? And what did it mean? And why did I have to choose? I pondered the question for some time until I fell asleep. I don’t – as yet – know what it means, but I am recording it here…lest I forget…




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