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Dinas Emrys part 1 The Test

July 16, 2015

We had just completed the arduous climb to Moel Ty Uchaf which had surprised me with two things. How easy the climb had been and that I had gained another ingredient to The Wand. The day before I had suggested another site to Chris, Dinas Emrys. My reasons for this suggestion were two-fold. Primarily Chris was seeking a site that he could connect with the underworld with and he had done that very thing here. Secondly, it was a relatively easy climb, which I felt would do us just nicely after Uchaf!

Looking over Dinas Emrys
Looking over Dinas Emrys

We arrived in good time around 2.30 and the day was still a pleasant sun with a cooling breeze. Perfect. We set along our normal approach and after only a few minutes a local farmer guy told us that we were on private land and that we should take another route up to the place. Rather disgruntled, we got back in the car and drove up the road some to the official national heritage car park and began the much longer and round about ascent.

Dinas Emrys Approach Sans Rock
Dinas Emrys Approach Sans Rock

At Moel Ty Uchef, I had picked up a hand sized rock and it seemed to me that the destination for this rock was the same as ours, namely Dinas Emrys. So we climbed and we climbed and we climbed. All the while the site of Dinas Emrys was adjacent to our view and as far away as when we set off. As we continued the climb, I remarked that our previous morning climb seems child’s play to this one.

Not far to go...
Not far to go…

As mentioned before, prior to the climb up Moel Ty Uchef, I had been hesitant in going because I questioned my strength and endurance in being able to get up. To my surprise I had achieved the climb with almost no fatigue and indeed had remarked that I could probably do the climb again to Chris. It seems that the Universe had taken note and then some.

The climb continued for at least an hour and half perhaps more and then finally we were on the slopes of Dinas Emrys. With no rest, we continued up the slopes and finally found rest at the summit. Dinas Emrys!

There was a beautiful feel to the place. Almost a recognition of the effort we had put in coming here. For on the way, we had got lost a time or two, had considered the notion of giving up and yet we had made it. The sacred place seemed appreciative of that.

Note: If you read my previous post you will learn about the energy mechanism I had set up, which I believe helped me to gain the summit of Moel Ty Uchef, relatively without fatigue. Why hadn’t I done that with this climb? I had of course tried a few times along the journey to Dinas Emrys, however I was stopped in doing so. The reason for not being able to do it was the rock that I was holding. But why the rock?

The energy of the place was so inviting and accepting that I didn’t feel the need to bring out my dowsing rods, in this place at this time, I was guided all the way. I found a perch and settled down for a rest and a commune.

Colours of Dinas Emrys
Colours of Dinas Emrys

The Genius Loci was immediately receptive and my first query was regarding the rock I had carried. Where did it need to go? To my surprise the response was nonchalant. It doesn’t matter. The rock was for you to carry. It was a test. Would you bring it? Would you cast it aside on the long journey here or would you bare the burden? Such as it was.

Okay, I sent out the thought to the Universe. Thanks for that! I queried the Genius as to whether the rock stopping me from gaining energetic help along the path was also a part of the plan? It was.

I let fall the innocuous rock, having passed the test of strength and endurance. Again, much to my own surprise as anything else.


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