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Dinas Emrys part 3 Four Dragons Breathe

July 18, 2015

A lot had happened at Dinas Emrys already. But the day was far from over. As I continued to lie in the spot that overlooked the edge of the hill I was pondering the knowledge I had gained from the Fay when an energetic rumble interrupted my thought stream. At first I thought it was the Genius Loci of the place until I felt that the energy was off in some way. It was a familiar energy and as the rumble escaped the ground I realised what it felt like. A Dragon. It was an Earth dragon.

You might wonder how I know that. An interesting and easy question to ask, not so easy to answer. One of the things that is known to Energy workers, Sacred travellers and the like is that often understanding comes without knowledge. It is an odd thing that doesn’t fit into the rational way of viewing the world. Nevertheless, it is – as a good friend often says – what it is.

four Dragons Breathing
four Dragons Breathing

This draconis of the earth rose up into the air and looked down on me. I didn’t feel afraid, as – again – silent knowledge – told me that it wasn’t here to harm me. Behind the dragon the sun was ablaze, or so I thought, until I realised that it wasn’t the sun but another dragon flying in from the direction of the sun. It was quite obvious from the red and gold flames that were its wings that this was a Fire dragon.

As it closed in and took up station opposite the earth dragon I wondered what was going on. Was this a meeting that I was a part off or was it occurring regardless of me and I am just a spectator? Even as this thought entered my mind a third dragon entered the arena and all doubt as to my involvement vanished…

Last year on this (Dinas Emrys) very spot began a journey that led me to an encounter with an Ice Dragon at the Druids Circle. A trick by beings that have involved themselves in my life led to me being bound to that dragon. It was against my wishes and against its. Since that time and this there has been a feeling of an encounter between the two of us but nothing head on.

When the Ice Dragon turned up at this conclave I knew that I was involved. There were three dragons now, Earth, Fire and Ice and all of them were looking down at me. I say looking down because they towered above me. I wondered whether Chris could sense their presence and looked over to where he had encamped, I saw his energy more than I saw him, he was busy in his own world.

The dragons where waiting and for a moment I wondered whether they were waiting for some input from me. I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to intrude on their gathering without just cause. So I practiced that amazing characteristic that has been recently thrust into my life, patience.

After many minutes or so it felt a fourth being arrived. I say being because, I wasn’t sure what it was. I knew there was something there, but it was invisible to my other sense. Interesting, because of course none of the dragons were visible to my eye sight, indeed more like my sixth-sight. However this new being was invisible even to that. Just a hint of a sense of a presence. In later discussions, Chris suggested that it was an Air dragon. I’d never heard of such a creature in myth or legend. But am inclined to go with his theory until a better one comes along.

All four dragons then, stood around me and waited. I waited too. What were they going to do I wondered…a frightening thought occurred to me…surely they weren’t going to breathe on me. To my initial horror their maws (well three of them, I couldn’t see the fourth) opened and spewed fourth a breath. I cowered and attempted some sort of protection before realising that it was indeed breath not the element breath but a breath of sorts. There were four streams which adds to the idea that the invisible being was also a dragon of sorts. They breathed at me and into me. My whole energetic being resonated with the breath before it finished in one silent moment. Then the dragons, in one motion, departed the way they had come.

Like a musical instrument, I continued to resonate for quite some time before it stilled and I was able to consider the matter. In fact my thought was…what the f had just happened? Closely followed by why and what does it mean? Alas all these remained unanswered for the moment because another thought rose in my mind…

A very dear friend of mine had recently informed me that her family member was in dire state of illness. I didn’t know the specifics but she had asked for healing to be sent, which I had done already. 

This thought of healing came to my mind for some reason and I knew that with this resonance of Dragons Breath still in me, I could affect a greater amount of healing than previously so I spent some time focusing and bringing together some healing energy wrapped and inclusive of dragons breath and sent it to where my friend had requested. This done I pondered again the meaning behind this draconian encounter…which was when my final experience of the day at Dinas Emrys turned 8 years of sacred wandering on its head.

As a final note, I was looking at some previous posts to tie in with this when I noted this post on Dragons Breath and Healing by Chris from last year…a coincidence of course!


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