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Dragon Master of Knowth – Summer 2015 – P2

July 26, 2015

It’s only rarely that I go to a sacred site and find that I am there to offer someone else advice, rather than learn something myself. Knowth, one of the treasures of the Boyne Valley complex in Ireland, offered me both opportunities on my last visit. On this visit I would hear a dire warning for Kal, and also encounter the spirit offering that warning, learning something new about dragon energies in the process. Go grab some refreshments and light snacks – this one’s a long one!

We skipped Newgrange. Although we had tickets to see both sites, we really wanted to start with Knowth. After our productive last visit this was where we wanted to spend our first afternoon, and then move to Dowth just a mile or so away.

Knowth - June 15 (4)

We arrived and immediately asked for permission from the tour guide to dispense with her well-rehearsed wisdom. We needed free reign to wander where the rods instructed us to go, and soon we had negotiated this freedom, and off we went.

A Site of Learning

I was taken past one of the openings in the large central mound, and then the rods swerved to lead me via a zig-zag path until I was sat at the far end of an open remnant of a chamber.

Knowth - June 15 (5)

Then the teachings came.

As I listened and tuned out the distant warble of the tour guide in full flow, I descended into a dreamy state of mind, both quickly protecting and connecting as I did so. This was so commonplace now that it happened almost instantaneously.

Once into a meditative mindset I was able to ask why I was here at this spot. Information came to me, but it was from a source that I didn’t recognise. It was some… “other person”… someone in spirit that I hadn’t met yet. I listened attentively to assess what was being said to me.

It was a warning, a warning message for Kal concerning his intended pursuit of the one who had stolen the Genius Loci of Albion’s sacred sites (see Kal’s quests). Once upon a time Kal released a dragon from a stone circle called Athgreany in Ireland. The message I was given now was that the Athgreany circle dragon must be tethered by Kal, and other known sites too, before he visits Persia.

The Persian Mage

My understanding of Kal’s forthcoming quests is that he will be required to re-work the magic that was attempted by The Persian Mage – a magicial of around 1,100 years ago who , we believe, drew all of Albion’s Genius Loci spirit energies (“dragons”) into himself for some nefarious purpose that we can only imagine! This episode seems to have caused many stone circles to become mere artefacts, and to stop being fully-functioning spiritual places. Others, we suppose, were re-populated, as many now have such spirits present again.

So, the warning to Kal was that unless the dragons are tethered he will be tempted to draw them to him to help him do this work. That will be a temptation too far, and if he uses that energy then the same disaster will befall him as his predecessor – the so-called Persian Mage, as I am now naming him.

Knowth - June 15 (6)

Meeting The Dragon Master

It was time to move on. The sun struggled feebly with the dullness of the day but failed to make a major impression. Inside, however, a dawning was occurring, but was as yet unrecognised. Without too much intention the dowsing rods linked into my thought processes, and began to direct me towards where they thought I wanted to go. My direction was simply, “Where next?“. A seemingly impossible directive considering how often I tell new dowsers how important it is to formulate a clear, defined, and closed question in order to get a positive dowsing outcome. We had an understanding, though, the rods and I. The rods would start off, knowing that I would add the detail as I began to move. So it happened today. Some aspects of the question did not need to be framed in words, and some were interpreted kindly such that I didn’t need to do all the work.

I was taken on a winding path until I was positioned in front of one of the decorated “kerbstones” that surround the beautifully restored Knowth central chamber. The chamber(s) inside are within a mound that is huge – some 20 feet tall and 50 feet or so in diameter. It’s mightily impressive. I sat staring at the base of the structure, my eyes fixated on the spiral design that was engraved into the stone.

Now that I do meditation even more often I was soon able to get into a trance state. My eyes lost their tight focus and soon I was able to differentiate only the spiral pattern on its own. Then, as though my magic, a face appeared! Now that I am back and looking at the photograph, however hard I quint I can’t see the face now, but at the time it popped out with such obviousness and clarity that I was amazed that it wasn’t outlined in red paint it was so clear.

Knowth - June 15 (7)

With a bit of a deeper push into meditation I was able to get a connection. This face had life! And a name. I was tuning into the spirit of someone who has been active at this site long ago. He was called Kreigh. In return I volunteered my druid name, and asked him what his position was at Knowth. The answer was a bit of a surprise. He said he was “The Dragon Master“.

My mind reeled but I had to try to keep in this meditative connective state, and so I couldn’t allow myself to begin to process that information just yet or I would come back to normality. I would swear that the stone relief face began to smile – all things are possible in this dream-like state! As though reading my mind Kreigh decided that I wouldn’t believe him unless he revealed his dragon to me. I wasn’t expecting a real dragon, because I had come to associate the concept of a dragon with being a form of Spirit of Place. Perhaps this was what he was talking about, I wondered? I caught myself thinking and went back into a less analytical mind state.

Then the dragon appeared. It was a dragon’s face starting at me from the left-hand side of the stone. As I looked I could see that its head came out of a tunnel or hole. As I followed the direction of the tunnel I could see the outline of a dragon’s tail poking out of the other end! I turned back to Kreigh – was I really seeing this, I asked? “Yes,” he responded, “and this is my dragonGossamer.”


Wurm Holes and Space Travel

Once upon a time Kal and I had found some arcing neutral earth energies at Arbor Low. We literally dowsed their three-dimensional shape as it arced from one point to another. Later I found out that the arc was in fact the over-ground half of a circle of energy that had a counterpart underground. As we had been unable to determine what these energetic constructs were for, we pretty much left them at that, and although we found them elsewhere we lacked any means at the time to find out what they were for.

Here I was a Knowth, one of the oldest places of learning, and I was being shown a “wurm hole” – an energetic tunnel, arcing from one energetic spot to another, and symbolised by the presence of a dragon, a spirit in charge of guarding and maintaining the energies of a sacred place. With my realisation of what I was being shown more information came flooding through.

  • Wurm hole tunnels link two sacred sites which have the same energy signatures
  • The holed stones are the most powerful places.
  • Whatever you pass into a holed stone its energy can be used at the connecting site, regardless of distance between the two
The magickal holed stone of Men An Tol
The magickal holed stone of Men An Tol

The learning hadn’t ended. As long as I maintained the connection there was more information coming. All I had to do was to maintain the connection and not get distracted trying to analyse or categories and file the information I was receiving. I simply tried to stream it into the memory banks. Here was another download!

A ring of white quartz stones can be used to create a vortex which will capture dragon souls and ensnare them. This was the method that Kal could use to recall and retain a spirit at a sacred site – to ensnare a dragon. This energetic formation also has a name – “A Dragon’s Nest”, it is called!

Knowth - June 15 (2)
A mezmerizing tunnel in the passage grave of Knowth

To capture a dragon’s soul, construct a Dragon Nest outside the holed stone portal. Then use a pillar quartz crystal, held at the entrance of the holed stone portal, and as the dragon comes towards the Dragon’s Nest from wherever it is, through the Wurm Hole, it will get captured in the crystal.

My brain couldn’t take any more. A wry smile emerged on the face of the stone Dragon Master and his tamed Wurm. I thanked him profusely for his generous information, and in turn I offered him some of my stories – my energetic gift to all those in spirit who assists me on my journey. With that I disconnected and de-constructed.

I need to get to Kal quickly. This was clearly something that he needed to be made aware of before he got in too deep with his questing! By a marvellous coincidence, as I got around to the entrance of the site Kal appeared at the same time. We were ready to go to the next site – Dowth.


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